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*CW network’s TV hosts joking about how they all have man crushes on DD, just bunch of them goofing around so I’m not going to transcribe*

CW: I talked to both of them in a secret bunker. I’ll tell you this much about Gillian Anderson, 10 years later she still looks pretty good. Take a look.

*clips from the movie*

CW: *to GA* You are gorgeous by the way. *to DD* and you are gorgeous too.

GA: Thank you, I’m pregnant.

CW: You are?

GA: Ah yes. *holding her stomach* This is.. this is…

CW: Human or alien implant?

GA: A Russian space dog in my belly.

CW: Well congratulations.

GA: Thank you very much.

DD: The father is English, it is actually an alien implant.

CW: I guess it would be. Hey can we talk about the man-crush on David.

DD: The what?!

CW: *To GA* Does the man in your life has a man-crush on David Duchovny?

DD: I don’t think so.

CW: Because I was talking… many guys say, “you know, I like that guy, I’d cross over to the other side for him any day.”

DD: Wow.

GA: Really? People say that to you?

CW: About him.

GA: Yes. *everyone laughs*

CW: I never get it, but you, you get it a lot.

DD: That’s funny because I think Gillian has a big lesbian following.

GA: I do actually. I do have a very big lesbian following.

DD: You do? Yeah.

CW: I don’t want to out anybody, but I’ve got the same thing for you. *to GA*

GA: Thank you.

CW: I’ll confirm that.

DD: We are just kind pan-sexual icons. *GA laughs*

CW: Is that it? Does that have something to do with the nature of The X-Files?

DD: I think it has to do with the fact The X-Files is so sexless. And all fantasy about us was…

GA: You could just lay it on.

DD: It was created by them.

GA: Yeah.

DD: There was no sex on that show, never.

CW: When you think about it though, it’s actually one of those few shows that gets the geeks together and the romantics together. And like you said, there really isn’t any sex or connection going on blatantly anyway. And there really isn’t anything scary taking place yet. Most people perceive The X-Files to be really bone-chilling.

GA: Oh there were something scary stuff.

CW: But you don’t see that.

GA: Yeah yeah. That’s what made it more scary.

DD: That’s because of good storytelling and good writing. As far as our relationship I think it was, yeah, kinda of a perfect romance you know marriage of minds in a way, kind of an idealized image of how a man and a woman can work together and there’s always this great amount of respect.

CW: Sure.

GA: And that’s sexy. Respect is sexy.

DD: Respect is really sexy.

CW: Right.

GA: Right?

CW: Absolutely.

DD: Respect!

CW: Did you… six years after the cancellation of the series, 10 years after the first movie…

DD: Hold on…

GA: Cancellation?!

CW: I mean…

DD: We are actually listening to you.

CW: It’s wild how people actually catch words I’m saying.

GA: Funny though.

CW: Now six years after the series ended, because you guys wanted to move on to other things, any reluctance to come back and do this second movie?

GA&DD: No.

DD: No I think if it had been two years after, or even three years after. I think once we got 3, 4 years out, I can do that again, I can see doing that again.

GA: Definitely.

CW: Is it nice to be part of the movies about a series that you put your blood, sweat, and tears into rather than you know, you guys being in a senior center somewhere going, “Yeah I remember when I was that guy in the TV series!”

DD: Now that’ll come.

GA: That may happen, and not too many years from now.

DD: That’ll definitely come but yeah there’s certain amount of pride that I take in…

GA: Not having to wear Depends.

DD: Yeah. *everyone laughs* Speak for yourself… In the longevity of the series, just as a TV show or a movie franchise. So yeah, I certainly take pride in that.

CW: Big fan, I’m going topside to downtown Roswell for the alien probing now.

GA: Okay!

DD: Okay, good luck with that.

*Interview guy rambles about the interview and the secrecy and how he believes GA is going to have an alien baby.*


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