Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny - Shock till you drop

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Ryan Rotten: Having seen the movie last night, you know, it really dawned on us that it’s your movie. It’s not about creature of week kinda thing. I was really shocked by that. Was that kind a surprise? I mean you got got the script and…

DD: We never thought of it that way. You know, I was thought of it as the caper, or the gag, or whatever, so I think the idea, the heart of the movie is important, thrilling, and mysterious and hard to guess as you are going along. But Chris had always said that the heart of the movie is the relationship between Mulder and Scully, and I think in the end he’s right. You know I think in the end it really is… it’s what makes this movie special that there’s this relationship playing out as these two people are trying to solve this crazy mystery.

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RR: It always seemed like for over the years, for the fans who watched these seasons, that’s what they had always hooked into, and this is undiluted, complete Mulder and Scully.

GA: Yeah it is, but also you very much go into… obviously there’s a situation, there’s a thriller aspect of it too, and that plays out at the same time and both feed each other. You know the relationship ends up…

DD: It’s like we take our work home with us.

GA: Yeah.

DD: And our work happens to be something we can’t be talking about.

GA: Yeah.

DD: But it’s not normal work.

RR: Was it creatively liberating to kind scale back the story from the first film? The first film was very big, were you guys stepping back and was that easier for you guys to do it?

DD: No I wouldn’t say it’s easier. The bigger your ideas are the less money you have to spend, the smaller ideas the more.

GA: And also in a good way it makes it more challenging as actors, the smaller the budget, because obviously you wanna see that is relies on the characters, which this does, as opposed to rely on CGI or the effects that that needs to take place.

DD: There’s so little computer generated stuff in this. I mean, you know…

*clips from movie*

RR: Did you guys envision a different future for Mulder and Scully in a few years?

DD: I never sat around and did that. Wonder what Mulder’s up to?

RR: Wonder what he’s doing right now.


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