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CC: FOX had come to us a year after the TV series ended, they said, "let's do another movie." And we came up with the story, they said great, then we started negotiating with the contracts, they... Everything's working, then all a sudden it came to a grinding halt because there were business problem with television show and contract, going backward, that ended up taking years to resolve, that's simply why we are doing it now.

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GA: Time is different for different people and for me the six years actually went by very very quickly, and it felt like when we actually started to do the film,it was the right time, and perhaps any time earlier it wouldn't have been the right time. And it really felt like a reunion.

DD: Well this doesn't tie into the mythology much. It ties into the characters as part of mythology, my character as a believer and Gillian's character as a skeptic, and we butt heads in a way we always have. But more importantly, the relationship or the love story, or whatever you want to call it, between Mulder and Scully is interwoven with this thriller, so it's kinda of a unique movie in that way in that it's a love story and a thriller.

CC: It's always magical to see them because it's almost as if time stops for them. When they look at each other, it's like they share something only they know. It's like they share a secret. Whenever I see that embrace and that look at each other, there... the smiles are... there's not a moment of falseness, there's a true warmth between them.

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CC: We've all had our difficulties, we've all had our problems, and it is as a family it could be a dysfunctional family. When I see them come back together, it's always the same chemistry as Mulder and Scully.

DD: The closure at the end of the 9th year, I don't really remember what it was, but it felt...

GA: *laughs* whatever it happened...

DD: It felt like an end. I mean we knew we were ending the show, so there was an end. But this is actually kind of a reinvigoration of my character, and I think it's the relationship between us.

GA: And it leaves us with endless possibilities in the future if there's something we will end participating in.

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CC: I think if we ended with this it would be beautiful, but if we don't end with this, it will be beautiful to start again.




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