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Ben Lyons: Congratulations guys on reprising these iconic characters. When you are on screen for the first time what did you miss the most about Mulder and Scully?

GA: The first day were weren't together so I was missing him, it was a lot harder without him around.

DD: It was really for the, for both of us, the key to do the show in any kind of successful way that resemble the show we used to do, working with one another to remember that way, so that's really... my first scene with Gillian is really what started the experience for me, like oh I get it now.

BL: Back at the X-files state of mind, because when the first film came out it was right at the show's success, and the last episode led into the movie. Now you have sorta some time away from the franchise, do you sorta see the film being looked at differently from the fans or is there less pressure this time around, or how is it different?
GA: It's hard to say, but I think that Chris and Frank, the writers, have answered the call in a sense but also taken care of a lot of elements that were necessary in order to make it successful, and I think it's important that at this particular time this is a stand-alone feature, that it doesn't necessarily matter if somebody has seen the series or not. A strong element of the movie is the relationship, and that's something people care about who know the characters and who's seen the series, but also from what we are hearing back, from people wh's seen the film, also a strong aspect of the film, that they want to care about when they are watching.

DD: They are surprised that it's romantic in anyway. You know, because that's really not what the X-Files is known for, but it's that kind of romance. Not to say what happens between us, but just romantic in a sense of a man and woman trying to figure out being with one another.

BL: We see at the beginnig over here, you grow a great beard, you've always had... like this thick beard, not you've got one in the movie. How long did it take for you to grow a beard? *GA laughs*

GA: 2 seconds. 35 minutes?

DD: That's a fake beard. Yeah, so it takes me about an hour to grow it.

BL: Each day. So for you was it difficult, sorta of getting into the mindset of playing Mulder again because you've been away from him for so long?

DD: With Gillian, it kinda keep me back in.

GA: He's lost without me.

DD: Yeah I'm lost without you. Getting into the mindset of having a fake beard is harder. *GA laughs* It's not to be underestimated, the claustrophobic, itchy factor of a such a beard.

BL: It's such a.. I see you in person, I see you on screen. You went to my high school, you carry yourself like a Collegiate kid. For those who don't know, it's a school in New York. I see you on screen with this sense of humor, and this demeanor about you that's very reminiscent about going to school there. What do you remember about your days at Collegiate?

DD: I had fun at Collegiate, I was there for four years, I was there for high school. I didn't go there the whole time, but it was a good time for me. High School was good to me. Nothing, but really fond memories at Collegite.

BL: The original Joker Ceasar Romerro whent ot Collegiate, for a while he was the most famous alum, now David has sorta taken the baton. Now Mark Ronson is becoming this huge deal. Are you threatened maybe that Mark Ronson might be the most famous alum?

: Who's Mark Ronson? *GA laughs*

BL: It's the answer I was looking for.

DD: Who is it?

BL: Won 3 Grammys, he wrote Amy Winehouse's whole record.

DD&GA: Oh, okay.

DD: That's good, he went to Collegiate?

BL: Yeah he went to Collegiate.

GA: Okay, that's cool.

DD: Good man.

BL: Exactly what I wante. "Who's Mark Ronson?" that's great.

DD: We like him.

GA: Yeah we like him, if he supports a drug addict. We love that.

BL: Well guys congratulations on bringing The X-Files back, you made a lot of hardcore fans happy.

DD: Good.

GA: Thank you.


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