THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE Interview - Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

JoBlo: Now first of all both you have gone on and done some very impressive projects. You with "Californication", "Bleak House" was brilliant. By the way I just got to say that right now.

GA: Thank You.

JoBlo: How was it coming back to these characters? Relating it like you did?

GA: It was something I was looking forward to in a big way. I always liked Scully. My desire at the end of the series to move away from her was pure natural human exhaustion and desire to stretch my wing and do different things. But I always appreciated her, respected her, and enjoyed playing her. So it's... coming back with that distance in between, I was very much looking forward to it.

DD: Yeah I think the distance made us both appreciate it more than we did when we were doing it, when we were inside of it. Being out side for a while, give us some perspective, and you know a real kind fondness for doing it.

JoBlo: Well 9 years on a project that's got be ?? for you. So you come back to this, this film, which is really, it felt different from the last movie. It felt more like the series in the sense of explored your faith. Basically it's faith vs. science. How was it... was it one of the big draws for you to come back?

DD: Well, we were back before there was a script, speaking for myself, Chris Carter, I trust him to come up with the goods, so you know I hadn't seen the script before I had said yes, but I thnk you are right. It heartens back to the beginning of the show, when we were the only show on television that was the scary show. And we had little one hour shows that had big ideas, big film ideas. I think it was always natural for us to be movies because I always thought the ideas were big enough for movies, and this is like one of the early shows that made into a movie.

JoBlo: What about you going back to this character with the Christianity, with the Catholic, you know, that angle. Was that fun for you too?

GA: Well, I wouldn't say that it was fun. It's not my experience, you know, my experience, Gillian's experience hasn't been one of Catholicism, or any real religious background. But what I did find appealing was the struggles, the continuous questioning, the searching they both continue to do in their own lives and together in their relationship. At first there was a part of me that was a little nervous about the amount of faith that is discussed, etc. etc. But at the same time it's really relevant.

DD: It's really established too. You have to, you have to establish for people who hasn't seen the show, you know, who you are and what you believe in. So it might have felt a little redundant at times, but I think it was necessary to welcome people to the series who didn't know anything about it.

JoBlo: And it is called "I want to believe", I can't think of a more apropo title, especially with the ending. That leaves out there for you.

DD: Right.

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