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IGN: What did they explain to you as the nature of the relationship? How did you guys figure out in a way to sorta interact with one another?

GA: The good thing is there is such a thing as a script, and so no matter what they said it came down to the script. And that's the first I've heard about what the film was gonna be about was my first read.

DD: We didn't have to be told anything about the relationship, that's something we get for doing it 9 years of the show. It's really...Because I think no matter where Mulder and Scully are, or you know, in life, that relationship is always going to be the same. It's the very kind of intellectual, sparring relationship. That would change if Scully was married to somebody else, Mulder was married to somebody else, they are married to each other, divorced, or whatever, you know, that remains. That's the passion of the relationship.

IGN: So there's the realtime updated about what had been going on in each of your character's lives did not effect how you guys interact with each other.

GA: It's true. What we speaking about in the film is what has taken place, and we had to... The way we would play the characters had to follow what we are speaking about, you know, it had to follow the script.

DD: The relationship during the movie changes, you know. It starts at a different place than where we've seen it, and throughout the movie it changes, in a very interesting way. In a very kind of small scale human way, and in a way where people who like movies about people would like, which is where, for those people who wants to see a movie like this, I think they would.

IGN: In a larger sense, how eager or reluctant were you guys to jump back into this? What's about the story, the thing, that's kinda the catalyst that brought everything together?

GA: We both agreed to do this film...

DD: A long time ago.

GA: Even before the story was written or we were told what the story was about.

DD: Over the course of all that time working with Chris, you know, we already have, we have trust in his ability to execute The X-Files, so it wasn't like... I'm sure we fantasized about what it might be, it wasn't... I never thought it's gonna suck, you know.

IGN: Where would you guys like to see the characters go in subsequent installments now you...

GA: You know I've never had that thought before, I've never participated in the course of Scully's development at all. But if we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to play these characters again, what works is what Chris and Frank keep bringing to it, is observing these two characters together in their relationship, and it works in this film, and it's the other story that kinda develop what the movie's about.

DD: They push each other, you know. The relationship pushes... The way that Mulder and Scully combat each other intellectually pushes the thriller forward because they are both trying to solve the same thing. And the thriller, putting them in jeopardy and testing them pushes their relationship forward. So it's very interesting.

GA: That was good.

DD: Yeah. Fuck by the end of the day I finally got it. *GA laughs*


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