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FOX: For X-Files stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the hardest thing for them to return to The X-Files was remembering the complicated plotline.

GA: I remember nothing.

DD: I remember odd details that don't make any sense.

GA: No. The important things like having a baby...

DD: Yeah we forgot about that. We forgot we had a baby.

GA: Yeah, forgot about that.

FOX: Even six years after the show went off the air, fans still ask about the two actors reuniting on projects like David's hit Showtime series Californication.

DD: It's very funny. You know, I've been... I have been blogging for the movie.

GA: Yeah.

DD: Last few movies I've done I've been blogging beforehand, it's actually a little fun. But...I'm blogging for this movie, and a lot of people are asking me "Are you going to be on Californication?" And I had to finally say, no.

FOX: Not so fast Mr. Mulder.

GA: I offered myself early on and said that I could be somebody who's obsessed with Scully, and wanted to have sex with him as Scully.

FOX: But as Duchovny explained, being so closely identified with their X-Files alter-egos is both a blessing and a curse.

DD: It's just that we have so much history as actors together, forget about my show, any time we appear together we are going to bring that baggage with us and the only thing we can do is to kind make fun of it, and that gets old.

FOX: For now, fans will just have to be satisfied with two fresh hours of Mulder and Scully investigating the unexplained.


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