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DM: Last night TV's most iconic agents were back on the job at the LA Premiere of The X-Files: I Want to Believe, which comes a decade after the first X-Files movie that premiered. When our own Ben Lyon sat down with the stars, they covered the basics, you know, sex, drug, rockin' roll, in our number 3 story.

BL: I love how the full title of the film is The X-Files: I Want to Believe. One of the things in your everyday life now, what are the things that are in your career that you believe in?

GA: Woah, serious question! In having children later, I've got a 20-month old and obviously one on the way, I think that's what I've learned to believe in, to actually... family, my offsprings are the most important things in my life. You know, after so many different years looking in so many different places, and trying to fill the holes in different ways...

DD: *suggestive cough*

*everyone laughs*

GA: And... speaking of which *looking at DD*

DD: Wow.

GA: Go ahead.

DD: No...

BL: It's such a.. I see you in person, I see you on screen. You went to my high school, you carry yourself like a Collegiate kid. For those who don't know, it's a school in New York. I see you on screen with this sense of humor, and this demeanor about you that's very reminiscent about going to school there. What do you remember about your days at Collegiate?

DD: I had fun at Collegiate, I was there for four years, I was there for high school. I didn't go there the whole time, but it was a good time for me. High School was good to me. Nothing, but really fond memories at Collegite.

BL: The original Joker Ceasar Romerro went to Collegiate, for a while he was the most famous alum, now David has sorta taken the baton. Now Mark Ronson is becoming this huge deal. Are you threatened maybe that Mark Ronson might be the most famous alum?

GA&DD: Who's Mark Ronson? *GA laughs*

BL: It's the answer I was looking for.

DD: Who is it?

BL: Won 3 Grammys, he wrote Amy Winehouse's whole record.

DD&GA: Oh, okay.

DD: That's good, he went to Collegiate?

BL: Yeah he went to Collegiate.

GA: Okay, that's cool.

DD: Good man.

BL: Exactly what I wanted. "Who's Mark Ronson?" that's great.

DD: We like him.

GA: Yeah we like him, if he supports a drug addict. We love that.

*clip from Californication*

ML: Gillian, are you a bit freaked out now to work with David after he's been with so many women on Californication?

GA: When I first started working with him I was freaked out by how many women he's been with, so it's been... it's not that much... he's add a few others to the list? I don't know.

ML: Is that now how it is with the show? You've lost count?

GA: I thought there was like four in the first episode.

DD: Well, yeah, the first couple of episodes were like the calling card, fooled you into thinking, it obviously worked! *pointing at ML, GA giggles* But... I forgot the question.




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