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*bunch fan interview about whether they liked the movie or not*

Reelz: Forget about aliens, this X-Files movie, I Want to Believe, is a stand-alone story about kidnapping, murder, and the twisted mystery of the human faith.

DD: It's the same Mulder and Scully as on the series, it's about respect, and back and forth, opposition and love.

Reelz: I'm a believer now. Because this movie came out so many years later, and the television show is not on the air anymore, you felt like you had more freedom?

CC: We had the freedom to sorta of step back and say, "Where would these characters be now?" They've been involved for 16 years, it was sweet to be able to say, this is what happened in the passage of time.

Reelz: Everyone seems to be talking about, well is Mulder and Scully gonna get together in the movie? Do you think they are going to be satisfied or not satisfied?

GA: It depends on how high their expectations are, in any case, it's hard to..

DD: You can please some and not please others.

GA: Yeah.

DD: But what we do kind honor is the intensity of the relationship.

Reelz: How much of Mulder and Scully are in your real personalities?

GA: I don't think there is that many similarities, but there has to be because it's me that's playing her. So...

DD: They look a lot alike.

GA: But she's taller.

Reelz: And Anderson is not kidding. Even though you will not see past plotlines in the movie, what did make in from the series was the trick that allows 5'3 Anderson to be eye-level with the 6' tall Duchovny. Did you have to stand on the apple box during the shooting with him?

GA: Oh yeah.

DD: She does need to be lift up a little so you can get both of us in frame, but you can't just walk, walk, and then come up. So she had a ramp.

GA: Yeah, ramp.

DD: So she's kinda, an imperceptible growth.

GA: But apparently there's something now that's called the "Gilly board", based on the fact that they had originally built that.

DD: Either that or build a trench for me.

Reelz: Despite joking around, I Want to Believe takes X-Files fans back into the darkness and more.

CC: I think what you bring from this movie is not the darkness. You saw the movie, you take away faith in the end, you take away hope, and it's something precious, not something dark.

Reelz: surprisingly, Gillian Anderson, who's pregnant with her 3rd child, also said if there's another X-Files movie, she wants Scully to kick more butt, how about that Mike?

Mike: Well she sounds like one tough mother!




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