X-Files: I Want To Believe Featurette

The X-Files: I Want To Believe hits UK cinemas tomorrow and we have an exclusive featurette including interviews with Chris Carter (Director/Screenwriter), David Duchovny (Fox Mulder) and Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully). Six years after the TV series ended, this film sees Mulder and Scully....well, we can't tell you. It's all top secret, so we can't say anything about the plot involving giant space dragons who shoot lazers from their eyes and turns Earth's inhabitants into piles of pudding. Aww, dagnabbit!

(trailer begins)
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(trailer/footage with the theme remix plays throughout this video, in between CC/DD/GA's comments)

CC: The specific vision I had was, uh, well - I wanted to scare people.

DD: There is a strong relationship between Mulder and Scully and it's not the primary focus of the movie. The primary focus of the movie is the ride, is the case, the procedural. What the bad guys are trying to do in this movie is something that Chris has rightly been trying to keep under wraps.

CC: There's an extra element to the movie fundamental to the X-Files idea. It's about science, it's about faith, it's about the supernatural.

GA: You know, we're having similar conversations between the skeptic and the believer but it seems to be on a much more intense level than it was in the series, or at least in a lot of the episodes. There seems to more at stake. The questions and the answers, they're bigger somehow.

CC: Coming back together was great. It felt like nothing had changed. There was still that original spark.

GA: It felt incredibly natural...just kind of looking across the room at each other and going, "Hey, you're-eh-Hi!" you know? (giggles)

DD: It was nice to actually just wear the clothes again and to, you know, just be the character again...or, just being in a scene with Gillian really got my memory going to the right place.

CC: It was film making on the run, by the seat of our pants. You had to be on your game. It was great, though.

GA: It was the weirdest thing. You know, a lot of the crew didn't read the script...dressing all the elements that they needed to. It is, quintessentially, X-Files. It preys on the incredibly unique but recognizable.

DD: What makes a story an X-File is it's creepy and scary and smart and I think that's what we've done here.

CC: I'd like to think we can keep it a secret. Like a Christmas present on Christmas morning. The element of surprise is something that I hold and I'd like to continue to hold it.

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