Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Frank Spotnitz Interview : X Files - Régénération

DD: I think a movie like this, you know without being too heavy, deals with what do these two people believe in. We've known them for a long time. We know what Mulder believes in, we know what Scully believes in. But what this movie is about, through a certain case that challenges both of them, they come to believe in themselves, you know. Love almost, in a weird, romantic way. You never think The X-Files is about love, but in a way this movie is about love conquering all these stuff that love, at the end of the day, is more important than what Mulder believes or what Scully believes.

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GA: I don't know if so much of the mythology were, the series, or stories, were of that much interest to me. They have primarily to do with aliens taking over the planet and stuff like that. I mean there were few of the smaller ideas of the series that were more interesting to me. You know, in terms of mind reading, and the capacity to which the human brain might be able to... you know see things into the future, and stuff like that. You know I find that interesting. I don't follow that particularly, but it definitely holds more interests to me than some of the larger issues of the conspiracy, alien abduction, and stuff like that.

DD: I don't know if there's one X-File that gets to me, but it's more the guy's character that stays with me. Mulder's like... And one of the taglines of the movie is "Don't give up", you know that's kind of... That's the kind of guy you know, that stays with me. I like his perseverance, I like his, I like the passion of his belief.

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CC: I don't know. We actually took the aliens, and made them metaphor for the search in meaning of God if you will. So we took on that, I guess you can call it legend and myth, made it into something. i'm not sure we would do beyond this.

FS: I always thought The X-Files as endless though. I think these two characters, believer and skeptic, David and Gillian's portrayal of them, and the fact their search is about something we don't understand, about the unknown, which is of course endless. So I always thought as long as there is an audience, the story could go on forever.

DD: I think "don't give up" is always a good, you know. And it's not as simple as you know "winners never quit". You know, because it's not about winning. Because it doesn't matter what happens, you still might lose, most people lose, probably will lose. Mulder and Scully always lost. They never, they hardly ever solved anything. But the only honor is only in the attempt, in the not giving up. It's not whether you win, and II think sometimes in America, and maybe other places, it's all about winning. Winning is everything, and that always makes me sick a little bit. You know, and I'm raising kids now, it's interesting to... As they go off to their little games and starts to play sports whatever, and I see them wanting to win, I see other parents really wanting them to win, and I'm the guy saying, you know, "I think it's great when you lose, that's okay, just have fun." You know, just don't give up, and really, that would be my philosophy too. It's like great to win, it's fun to win, but at the end of the day, I don't care. I care if you tried and were passionate about it.

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