60 seconds with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny

60s with GA

DD: This is 60 seconds with Gillian Anderson.
GA: I'll play!
DD: London or Chicago?
GA: London.
DD: Paint a painting or buy a painting?
GA: Buy a painting.
DD: Class clown or teacher's pet?
GA: Class clown.
DD: Watch yourself on screen or cover your eyes?
GA: Cover my eyes.
DD: Flats or high heels.
GA: Flats... kinda...
DD: Liar...
GA: I'm a liar...
DD: Text message or call on the phone?
GA: Text message.
DD: Yeah, it's good, you're modern that way. Dressed up or dressed down?
GA: Dressed down. Does... this...
DD: Well I agree to tell you the truth.
GA: You agree, ok.
DD: Blonde or Redhead?
GA: Blonde.
DD: First to arrive or last to leave?
GA: First to arrive.
DD: And now for the X-Files questions. (x3)


DD: Investigate the creepy sound or "uhg, I'm sure it's nothing".
GA: "Ugh, I'm sure it's nothing."
DD: We're all alone or there's something out there?
GA: There's something out there.
DD: Easily scared or nerves of steel.
GA: Nerves of scared. Easily steel. (laugh) This has been 60 seconds with Gillian Anderson. Only on Cinemax.

60s with DD

GA: This is 60 seconds with David Duchovny.
DD: Go the clock is ticking.
GA: Oh the clock is ticking, okay. Watch sports or play sports?
DD: Play sports.
GA: Beer in a can or scotch on the rocks?
DD: Neither.
GA: Rehearse your lines or improv?
DD: Both.
GA: World Series or Super Bowl?
DD: World Series.
GA: Trivia master or always drawing a blank?
DD: Trivia master.
GA: Make her dinner or reservation?
DD: Reservations.
GA: Do an impersonation or tell a joke?
DD: Both.
GA: Now for The X-Files question.
DD: Yeah.
GA: Okay


GA: Go with your head or trust your gut?
DD: Gut.
GA: Shooting in a dark gloomy forest or howling snow storm?
DD: Shooting in a ?
GA: Dark gloomy forest or a howling snow storm.
DD: Dark gloomy forest.
GA: Yeah. Approach an alien or haul ass in the other direction?
DD: Approach.
GA: Really?
DD: Yeah, I’m Mulder!

*GA laughs*

DD: This has been 60 seconds with David Duchovny. *points to himself* Only on Cinemax.


FONTE: Haven | Link YOUTUBE: 60s with GA, 60s with DD


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