'X-Files' Is Still Leaving Its Mark

MTV: Earlier this month in Washington DC, X-Files creator Chris Carter was at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History to donate memorabilia from the show.

CC: Standing up here feels like an X-Files in itself to me. It's unexplained phenomenon.

MTV: Why now? Well the second X-Files film by name "I Want to Believe", directed and co-written by Chris Carter is finally set to open in theatres across the country. For X-Files fans, it's been six long years in waiting to see what happens of FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, one of the most iconic fictional duos in popular culture. In the 16 years since the show has premiered, Mulder and Scully has made appearances in everything, from The Simpsons to song lyrics. And their never-ending search to the truth has impacted other hit TV shows in recent years. JJ Abrams must be a fan. One could see the influence of X-Files in his shows Alias, Lost, and most recently Fringe.

GA: It's wonderful to be, you know, it's quite unique to be part of something that has had such an impact on so many people's lives and the life of television as a whole.

MTV: Who's responsible for all these? Carter says it's the two stars.

CC: I think Mulder and Scully are iconic characters largely because of David and Gillian, because what they brought to the characters.

MTV: But Duchovny and Anderson refuse to take the credit for their character's iconic status.

DD: We don't really think about it.

GA: Yeah.

DD: That way. You know, or I don't. Maybe Gillian does...

GA: I don't lie around going, "Man..."

DD: Gillian walks around, like "I'm an icon!" I'm a mother******* icon.

GA:S o important. I'm in the Smithsonian!

MTV: What they do take credit for is putting on a good show, week after week for all those years.

DD: What I take pride in is that we made a great show. We worked our asses off and we are responsible, try to do the best we could every day.

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