The X-Factor Behind The X-Files

FOX: Chemistry is hard, how did you guys do this again?

DD: We are just lucky as actors to play well off one another. And it's kinda been that way from the beginning when we were waiting to go to read for the network. I forget that I came up to you? Or just we just started running lines together before we went in there, so...

GA: You were trying to pick me up.

DD: Was I? *GA laughs* Was I? Do you think I was?

GA: I don't. no no no, I didn't say that.

DD: I never! There was something even then that put us together and even when we were doing the show, no matter what kind troubles we had as people off the show with one another off the show, it just never affected that. So time doesn't affect it either. It's like nothing affects it. It's weird.

FOX: Gillian you feel the same way?

GA: Yeah absolutely. There has been times when we were in the midst of shooting the series where we were, we were exhausted and fed up with ourselves, with each other...

DD: Didn't talk to one another.

GA: Didn't talk to each other, and yet we could do these scenes together.

DD: The only time we talked to each other was as Mulder and Scully.

GA: Yeah.

DD: For weeks at a time.

GA: Yet the chemistry was there, we were you know... There was actually one time when somebody called me and said, "You guys are really angry!"

DD: The weird thing is anger reads as kind of you know interest.

GA: Yeah.

FOX: Well it played the scene well, wherever there was tension or whatever, it played well.

GA: Yeah.

DD: Anger looks like love on film actually.

FOX: Absolutely.

GA: And in real life sometimes.

DD: Yeah.

FOX: After all these years you guys have been together, you still call each other Mulder and Scully.

DD: Yeah that's a Chris Carter thing.

GA: It's sweet isn't it.

FOX: Yeah it is.

DD: You know in the show we'd always pull out the "Dana" for like the...

GA: The definitive moments... Fox.

DD: Big moments.

GA: Fox.

DD: Yeah.

*Screen reads: The Strangeness of Coming back Together

GA: Absolutely, the setup as you'll see the first time we see each other.

DD: Well you've seen it, right?

FOX: Yeah.

GA: Is reminiscent of the rooms we've been in in the past.

DD: Right, and scenes we've played.

GA: Yeah.

DD: Where she comes into a room where I'm in. My back is to her, I yap on for a while, and I turn and we have a scene. You know, we played that 40 times if we played it once.

*Caption on screen: Unexplainable Fan Worship*

DD: We kind of, are blissfully, unmotivated to find that out. *GA laughs*. We just kind of reaps the benefit of it, you know what I mean. You know it seems to have worked so far, not thinking about it is good for us as performers you know.

*Caption on screen: The Truth is Out There*




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