Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny - Inside Reel

DD: This movie deals with both spirituality in a specific religion, and you know the paranormal, so all those things come into play. And it’s debatable, you can debate it all. I think you know you go into this movie, you can come out of the movie talking all that kind stuff, and it’s always the same with The X-Files.

*clip from movie*

GA: After such a long period of a time, we come at it in that way. It would be kind strange of us to dive back into the mythology.

DD: Mostly because we’ve forgotten it.

GA: Yeah. At this time and place, and also people have gotten older, and there’s a new fan base that has developed that’s there. I think the writer has done a pretty outstanding job in having all the elements that might actually make it successful in this film.


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