Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz - Spanish Vivo

DD: We've always wanted to do it,Chris, Frank, Gillian, and I. It wasn't like "oh I hate that show I got to get off", it was always, "well this has been almost a decade doing this, we need to move on and do other things." We have done other things and this six years later, for all of us. We were very happy to come back and do this. We loved doing it. We loved the show, we loved each other, we love to continue with it.

DD: Well it was interesting. It was interesting to take a character I started in 1993, left alone 6 years ago, and kinda make it 15 years older. Make it, you know, how have I changed in 15 years, how has everybody changed in 15 years. Your character remains the same, not the same interest, probably, but the base character is the same. But you change.

GA: I've done a few films, I did theatre, I did a series for the BBC for a while, having children, living in another country, all that kind stuff.

CC: It's been six years, we are playing it in real time. We are finding them six years since we last saw them on the series, 10 years since the last movie. We are telling you a good scary X-Files story. There's... things have changed, I'm not going to give that away, but we look at that relationship, that very passionate relationship, and we look at it in a brand new way.

DD: It was great. It was like a key to me. You know, doing the x-files, I thought it would be easier in the first couple of weeks, instead it was strange. So with Gillian, it really, that was The X-Files, that was Mulder and Scully.

FS: so many films. We've done a lot of conspiracy movies of the 1970s, Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, Al *somebody*, Steven Spielberg, James Bond movies. I'm a big film junkey.

GA: What do I believe in?

Q: personal question.

GA: It is a personal question. I believe in a lot of things. I believe in, um, I believe in magic... No. I believe in love, you know. I believe in the different aspects of love and forgiveness.

Q: And life on another planet?

GA: Um I don't know anymore. I haven't thought about it for a long time, and it's so hard to say. I think probably the last thing I ever do.

Q: Do you think we'll see more films of X-Files?

DD: I hope so, if many of you wants to see it.




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