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CC: The motivation really was the hardcore, die hard fans, who are saying, “when are you doing the movie? When are you doing the movie?” We've carrying these drumbeats out there. We felt it, and people have taken out ads, billboards, and we felt it on the internet.

HBO: According to the film’s stars, it was a teary reunion with Chris.

DD: When we started reading Mulder and Scully, we looked over. He’s got these bright blue eyes and they just started tearing up.

GA: Yeah.

DD: I think we were both embarrassed.

GA: No, we weren’t.

HBO: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson saved their tears for the sets, when they realized when they had forgotten many of their files.

GA: I remember nothing.

DD: I remember odd details that don't make any sense.

GA: No. The important things like having a baby...

DD: Yeah we forgot about that. We forgot we had a baby.

GA: Yeah, forgot about that.

GA: I think I had expected that this was going to be easy, and there was a certain complacency in the way that I approached it. And I may by hadn’t thought about it enough, or figured out again, or found her voice again, you know. I don’t know, there were a lot of contributing factors but I found it very challenging. I don’t think it was until Day 3, when David and I had our first scene together, there’s something about the two of us in a room together that just kind slots in. It’s like two, you know, like two pieces of the puzzle that just magnetized together that somehow makes it easier…

DD: Shzamm!

GA: Shzamm! Exactly, I couldn’t have said it better.

HBO: A decade later, do these stars still believe that there’s an audience out there for The X-Files?

DD: It’s not really our concern, because you know, we weren’t spending our money, and really spending our time writing the script, and preparing for it. It’s really easy for us to say yes. Of course we hope, we still hope obviously that there is a huge audience out there that was loyal to us six years ago and new audience to be found. Yeah but it’s not something we thought about. I think if we as actors start to think about like “is it going to do well?” It’s not the best thing to be thinking about while you are acting.


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