Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny - Belgium TV Promo

DD: This show I'm proud of. I think it's got, overall, if we did 203, and I think we did, there are over 100 that I think are really really good, and almost movie-worthy, so I'm stunned by that quality of writing and execution, still.

CC: I remember the first day, in Mulder's office, we were filming that. You saw that these two very strong people. When people talk about the chemistry, I think sometimes that is a misconception. I think it is two strong people who are really bouncing off one another, and that's what makes it interesting, and that's what gives it I think what the so-called "sexual tension" between them.

Q: Do you still watch it?

DD: Sometimes. When I was getting ready to go to the airport, in New York to come here a few days ago, I absent-mindedly put the TV on, at 5 in the morning, it was 5 in the morning, there it was playing. All I could think was, we work so hard and they show it at 5 in the morning, nobody's gonna watch it at 5 in the morning.

CC: You never set out to create a phenomenon. You just make sure that the first pilot episode hits, it's a splash. From there you just work tirelessly, just make the show new and good each week.

DD: As far as its impact on my person life and career, it changes, it changes everything when you gain that level of fame, so you have to adjust many different things, professionally, publicly.

GA: The first few years of my even working on the show, I was in a state of complete shock. I was you know 24 years old and this thing has happened to me. I was just... you know, I had 10 minutes of free time in my life every week, and everything was so controlled and I was so determined to not fall apart that I think I got very serious, and just very all freaked out about it. It was very difficult for me to see anything in any sense of light at all. So, and now it's just all a game, it's just all you know, it's just a laugh, isn't it!

DD: My own stipulation, or wish for was a stand-alone story that you don't need any specialized knowledge of The X-Files to enjoy, because you can't expect, 6 years, people to remember what's at stake, what's going on, and also you want to reach out to a new audience.

FS: And what's interesting about it, as dark and disturbing as the story was, it allowed us to kind cast a fractured mirror at Mulder and Scully, their relationship, and their issues. And it really became a movie about hope, faith, and love, as dark and disturbing as the mystery is.

GA: It was nice to be back with everybody and it was... You know you spent a week talking about the past, and reminiscing and all that, then it's just another job you know what I mean. You are like yes waking up 5:30 in the morning, slogging and all that stuff. So after a while you don't want to talk about the past anymore, you are just like, "when can I sleep?" So... but it was, it was. For the first week it was heavenly.

Q: Are you still looking forward to film #3? around some time in 2012?

DD: That would be nice. Every four years, that would be...would be fine by me.


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