Mulder and Scully's Make Out Session

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny shared a red-hot kiss on the set of their movie, The X-Files: Fight the Future — but read no further if you want to preserve the surprise.

The famously platonic Mulder and Scully stop just short of smooching in the flick, but the actors took it further during filming, director Rob Bowman tells our Jeanne Wolf.

"I can tell you what's not in the film is a blast," he says. "After we did six or seven takes, I said, 'Cut, print. Got it. Thank you very much.' They said, "No, we'd like to go one more time.' So they started the scene. And they got right into the drama, coming closer and closer. And then tongues came out. And then they slapped up against the wall. She drove him up against the wall. Oh, it was fabulous."

But wait: It gets better. "They did it again, because the cameraman goofed," says Bowman. According to Duchovny, he and Anderson came up with the lip-lock as a lark. "There was never a written [direction] that we would be kissing," he says. "We did it to our liking. It was bad, but we kept going."



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