Duchovny producing show for Cartoon Network

The 'CALIFORNICATION' star is doing a live-action project for kids

LOCATION: The Cartoon Network, which is Out There with the Truth

THE SKINNY: Oh, for an animated version of THE X-FILES right now… No, seriously. It worked for DOCTOR WHO, after all. That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

But no, that’s not what X-FILES and CALIFORNICATION star David Duchovny is producing for the Cartoon Network. Instead, it’s a live-action project for kids, and it’s about a kid (natch) who comes from a long line of newspaper reporters who decides to turn his school’s A-V club into an investigative citywide news agency. A natural progression, really.

No word yet on when this as-yet unnamed project will begin filming, but the double-D will executive produce it alongside EVEN STEVENS creator Matt Dearborn, who also wrote the pilot, and Robert Mora, producer on Disney's PHIL OF THE FUTURE and Nickelodeon's THE SECRET LIFE OF ALEX MACK.

Yeah. It’s going to be one of those. So, how awful does that animated X-FILES idea sound to you now, hmm?



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