David Duchovny Interview - X-Files Movie 2008 Wonder Con

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were together onstage for their very first convention at the 2008 Wonder Con in San Francisco. The packed crowd went wild as Duchovny and Anderson hit the stage to promote the upcoming X-Files movie.

You guys got greeted like rock stars when you walked out on stage.
David Duchovny: "Yeah, yeah. It's interesting. I wish I would have had a guitar."

You would have played it?
David Duchovny: "Well I don't play. I wish I had a guitar and I wish I could play the guitar."

And sing maybe?
David Duchovny: "And I wish I could sing. So, you made me feel inadequate."

But seriously, fans love the series so much. Is it an added weight when you're going back into a character that fans love so much and you know you have to get it right, and you've stepped away from it for a while?
David Duchovny: "Now that you put it that way."

So now it is.
David Duchovny: "Yeah, thanks a lot. Yes and no. I think in a way for what you just said yes, but also the show stands on its own. We did nine years; we did a movie. If we never did another frame, it would be fine. I feel like in many ways we're just telling these stories because we like to. We like the characters so I don't really… I mean, Chris (Carter) might as the filmmaker feel an expectation, but for me, no. I mean, I'm totally at peace with the amount of work I've done as Mulder, you know? So it's like everything else is gravy at this point."

Is it easy to get back into him?
David Duchovny: "Not really. It was a little harder. It took a little longer than I thought. But eventually, you know, the words lead you there. You know, the character is written a certain way and you kind of have to trust them."

Would you have done anything differently years ago had you known you'd still be playing Mulder in 2008?
David Duchovny: "Oh god, I don't know. But I know that the way that I've played him has changed over the years."

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