X-Files stars unveil release date for next film

VANCOUVER -- The truth is out there and it's come to Vancouver. One of the stars of the long-running X-Files television series, David Duchovny, and the shows' two creative minds, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, officially announced the next motion picture to spin off from the popular science-fiction drama on Wednesday.
The not-yet-named film is expected to make it to the big screen on July 25, said an upbeat Duchovny.
The actor, who starred for nine seasons as detectives Fox Mulder, and his former co-star Gillian Anderson, will take the always-complicated relationship between Mulder and Scully in unexpected directions, Carter said. Neither Carter nor Spotnitz would spill the beans on any plot details, but said the movie would pick up where the series left off.
"The movie will feature some of the series' reoccurring characters, but we cannot reveal which ones yet,'' Carter said.
During its early seasons, the X-Files was filmed in Vancouver, but moved its production to L.A. because Duchovny reportedly didn't like the city's climate. But according to Duchovny, the "weather thing'' was not the reason the cast and crew made the move. "I think it's a great place,'' he said. "I've often fantasized about raising my kids in Vancouver,'' he said.
Carter and Spotnitz echoed each other' sentiments on the significance Vancouver had for the X-Files franchise, and what it meant for the film industry in Vancouver.
"Vancouver gave the show its original look,'' Carter said. "Despite what most people believe, we didn't come up here originally because of the economic benefits. We came up here for the fantastic forests and physical landscape.''
The X-Files' production crew has wrapped shooting the movie, and the actors have returned home.



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