Exclusive: David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter on ?X-Files 2?!!!

By now you’ve probably seen our exclusive video interview with the cast and crew of the X-Files film sequel. But our conversation with creator Chris Carter, writer Frank Spotnitz and stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson ran just a little bit longer than we had room to show you in that compilation clip. Don’t worry though—we’ve got you covered, X-Files fans. Here are the complete transcripts of our interviews, in all their unedited glory. Thrill to the strange phenomenon of the elegant Anderson cursing like a drunken sailor!

Chris Carter

Would you consider this film to be within the horror genre?
That’s a really hard question to answer, because if you imagine it's like Saw I would say "No," [but] if you imagine it to be like The Exorcist or like Rosemary’s Baby I would say, "Yes." If that’s horror, or if you consider that to be a suspense thriller, I would say it's more along those lines.

What can fans expect from the story?
Well I think that it’s hopefully smart, that it hopefully makes you think. I think that it plays on contemporary issues. I think that it will portray the actors, or characters, in a way that is honest to their character arc, where they would be six years after the series.

What is your greatest fear?
I try to have no fears. I try to live a fear-free life.

Frank Spotnitz

The stand-alone episodes of X-Files were always some of the most horrific. How would you describe this film--is it a horror film on some level?
Yeah, I wouldn’t quite call it a horror film but I’d say it’s scary, it’s intense, it’s dark. But it’s also very personal and moving and exciting. It’s been really nice to do a movie that is freed of all the constraints of the alien mythology and all the conspiracy stuff that we serviced for so long on the series, and just be about a really scary story and these characters. I don’t know what people have been expecting the X-Files movie to be, but to us this feels like the movie that we needed to make.

So far the movie is untitled--any clues as to what the title will be?
Well we have the title, we just haven’t gotten the final go-ahead from the studio to tell the public what that will be.

It's been mentioned that there could be another sequel, after this film.
We love the show, we love these characters, we love these actors, we love working together. It’s also going to depend on how the film does in the summer, and whether there’s an audience that wants to see these films.

Do you have a favorite episode from the series?
I have a bunch of favorites. It’s so hard because the show...sometimes it’s a comedy, and sometimes it’s a thriller, and sometimes it’s a murder mystery. I have about seven in every category.

What’s your greatest fear?
Dying. [Laughs.] No, pain is probably my greatest fear. I’m very in touch with my fears. Having worked on the show for so long, I really had to think about what scared me. But I think my greatest daily fear is heights. I’m afraid I’ll be falling--or jumping!

David Duchovny

Is this going to be one of the most terrifying X-Files ever?
I think it’s supposed to be pretty scary, yeah. I think the X-Files have three or four different modes--it had its horror mode and its thriller mode and its funny mode, and its mixed-genre mode. And I think this tends toward the scary, horror genre.

How has Mulder changed in this film?
You’re gonna have to see him to see. Time marches on, so the man has changed a little bit.

What keeps the relationship with Scully alive and growing?
I think probably it’s the intellectual opposition--the sparring, the complimentary attitudes that they have toward one another. They compliment one another, they complete each other.

In real life, what’s your greatest fear?
Probably singing in public, or being murdered while singing in public. [Laughs.]

Gillian Anderson

It sounds like this film's had a pretty intense shoot. Is that due in part to the subject matter? Is this a frightening story, even for The X-Files?
I think it’s a mixture of the subject matter, and, as you see in the trailer, there is snow involved. Any time you have something like snow or rain it adds to the workload and the amount of days that end up getting added on, because of difficulties that happen, because of cameras freezing up. It’s situational. Also, I think that there’s a real interest by everyone to make this as good as it could be, and so it’s just taking a little bit longer than we had thought in making it so it could be the best it could be.

How has Scully changed?
Well, she’s a little bit older.

But not looking it.
Thank you very much. [Laughs.] Where Frank and Chris have written them is exactly where they should be. I think it makes perfect sense. I think they’re still exactly the same characters, but they’re doing what it is that they’re most interested in, and what it is that they’re doing makes perfect sense. I think that’s all I can say.

What’s your greatest fear?
Greatest fear? Oh, Fuck! I don’t know, like…the last twelve seconds of a plain crash?!

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