NYCC 08: X-Files Facts On Friday

Carter and Spotnitz field fan questions, leave the truth out there.

On April 17, 2008, writer-director Chris Carter and producer Frank Spotnitz appeared at the New York Comic Con to divulge a few details about the upcoming sequel X-Files: I Want to Believe. "It takes place in the present day so it's six years after the series ended," Spotnitz said in front of a packed crowd at Comic Con's IGN Theatre. "It's not an alien mythology story. It's a standalone, scary story focusing very much on Mulder and Scully – on who they are, where they are in their lives, and I'd say it's personal in a way that the series rarely could be because we were doing episodes of a series, not a movie."

"I think it's not quite like anything you've seen before, but it takes a lot of the best of the show and moves it into the future."

When asked how the atmosphere was on set, Carter said, "It was a love fest. It was so hard doing the series for nine years… so to be able to come and do this movie and not have to worry about episodes that need to be finished in the future is a luxury. I think it took a lot of the pressure off that we all felt during the television series."

Following a screening of the film's theatrical trailer and brief introduction by IGN's Entertainment Editorial Manager Chris Carle, Carter and Spotnitz fielded questions from fans. When asked whether the Lone Gunmen would make an appearance in the film, Carter said, "we're going to take some of our own medicine and say, 'deny everything'." Additionally, the pair denied that Scully's long-absent family does not appear in the film, although Carter added, "that being said, there may be references to Scully's family in this movie."

The pair indicated that Frank Black, the main character of the show Millenium, would not make an appearance in the film. "I wish I could tell you yes but I have to tell you no," said Carter. "That being said I would love to work with Lance [Henriksen] and I talk to him about it all of the time." While they didn't confirm whether or not Mitch Pileggi will appear in the film, Spotnitz did describe some of the new characters introduced in I Want to Believe. "There's Billy Connolly who's a wonderful Scottish comedian, but he's not funny at all in this movie," Spotnitz revealed. "Amanda Peet and Xzibit play FBI agents."

One fan asked Spotnitz about a quote from several years ago in which he said that the only "truth" that's out there is the connection one person makes with another. Spotnitz replied, "I think that's the theme of The X-Files. It's not about aliens, it's about other people." Meanwhile, Carter explained the background of the film's recently-announced title, I Want to Believe: "I'll take credit for it, but I'll share credit with Frank. I came up with that poster on Mulder's wall originally, so it was a natural title."

Debunking the rumor that there was some debate between the studio and the filmmakers about the title, he continued, "Fox never had another title, but they wanted some time to think about whether it was the best way to sell the movie." At the same time, Spotnitz did indicate that there were some logistical challenges they faced while shooting the film. "I found three weeks [shooting] in the snow most challenging," Spotnitz said. "I had the fattest fat suit on – it was embarrassing because I looked like the Michelin man, because I don't like the cold. [But] the whole thing has been rewarding. I have to say that the fan reaction has been the most rewarding thing, because we didn't know what the fan reaction would be."

"We started working in a vacuum last year and it was lovely not just to see people's reaction about the film, but how much affection there is for the series."

Carter also revealed some vague details about what might be on the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray releases of I Want to Believe. Carter said, "we don't know yet because we're still editing the movie, but if there are extra scenes I'm sure they'll be on the DVD at some point. What I can tell you is that the Blu-ray is going to be very cool. I had no idea what you can do with a Blu-ray but there will be a lot of really cool features when the Blu-ray comes out."

Finally, when asked how far along the filmmakers are on an X-Files movie that commemorates the series' 2012 "arrival date" for the aliens, Carter said, "we're not bothering with that one because the aliens are coming in 2012."



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