'X-Files' Creator Chris Carter Discusses Film Title, Responds To Plot Rumors

It was called "The Untitled X-Files Sequel." Then it was simply "The X-Files 2." And finally just a few days ago, the heavily-anticipated return of one of sci-fi's biggest franchises received its final title..."The X-Files: I Want To Believe," taken from the now-famous motto emblazoned across the famous poster in Agent Fox Mulder's office.

But anyone thinking the name doesn't have a deeper meaning is as misguided as the Cigarette Smoking Man.

"The title makes sense because [the poster] was really emblematic of Mulder's faith, and the struggle for his faith," stated series creator Chris Carter during an exclusive interview with MTV News at NY Comic-Con. "He doesn't believe...he wants to believe. So I think that is essentially the story we're telling. It's the story we've always told but in this case I think we really bring it into high focus."

And speaking of that story, much like the show's conspiratorial tone, a torrent of rumors have circulated around the closely-guarded plot since the beginning. Just recently, a leaked photo showing Mulder and Scully standing in front of a church seemed to confirm the proposed theory that religion will play a major factor. But according to Carter, fans shouldn't be so literal.

"It's really Mulder's faith in the paranormal that is the faith that he's wrestling with," the co-writer/director said. "So while you can see a church in a photograph, it doesn't necessarily mean it's about religion."

And likewise, according to fellow "X-Files 2” screenwriter Frank Spotnitz, audiences should beware of idle speculation online. "They shouldn't believe anything because they're going to feel burned or disappointed inevitably that day," he argued. "So that's really been our stance all along because there's so much misinformation on the Internet. And people saying they have credible sources or call-sheets that are of dubious authenticity. The best thing is to view everything skeptically and wait for the movie."

Stay tuned for much more from our chat with Carter and Spotnitz, including video. "The X-Files: I Want To Believe" hits theaters on July 25, 2008.



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