Chris Carter Jumps the Gun on New X-Files Comic

It just kind of slipped out. While series creator Chris Carter was answering a question last night about other incarnations the franchise might take, he "spoiled" an official announcement (supposedly due today) that DC/Wildstorm is launching a new title in conjunction with the release of I Want to Believe. What else did Carter and collaborator Frank Spotnitz say about the new film and the future of The X-Files in general? Well, keep reading for some of the best nuggets and one-liners the duo delivered to their chomping-at-the-bit fans.
By the way, that last part is no exaggeration. The way that the capacity crowd at New York Comic Con went ga-ga over the screening of the trailer for The X-Files: I Want To Believe, one would have thought that it was its premiere. And that tone of wild enthusiasm continued through the spirited Q&A that followed. Here are some of the highlights.

Q: Why so mysterious guys?
A: (C.C.) "I think everyone wants to be surprised on July 25." Carter went on to reference the number of "spoiler sites" on the Web as a reason for his vigilance.

Q: What was it like getting back to work on The X-Files after so long?
A: (F.S.) "A lovefest [laughing]." After talking about the joy of reuniting with the cast, Spotnitz remarked that a key difference this time out was that there were no "future episodes" to "worry" about--he and Carter could focus on the story at hand without rushing things.

Q: Are we going to see the Lone Gunmen in the movie?
A: Carter drew laughs by saying that he was going to "deny everything" on this point.

Q: Will we be surprised by the direction that Mulder and Scully's relationship is taking?
A: (F.S., thoughtfully) "...I don't know."

Q: What about the possibility of Scully's family reappearing?
A: (C.C.) "Scully's family does not appear in this movie" but may be "referenced."

Q: Has fan interaction changed as a result of the Internet?
A: (C.C.) "The Internet has grown up with The X-Files," and it's obviously an important part of fandom. However, Carter was quick to note that it's "nothing like face-to-face" interaction.

Q: How has the contemporary political climate had an effect on The X-Files?
A: (F.S.) It "certainly affected the end of the show." And the movie "feels like it takes place right now" (implying that it also reflects its time politically).
(C.C.) Re Watergate, which Carter vividly recalls from his high school days, he said, "We live in a time when there are similar things to be worried about."

Q: What do you want the millions of X-Files fans to take away from this film?
A: (F.S.) "Hope."
(C.C.) "The trash from under your seat."

Q: Will there ever be an explanation/closure regarding the deaths (or immortality?) of the main characters hinted at in the third season's "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"?
A: (C.C.) After first noting that actor Peter Boyle's passing prevents the further exploration of the Bruckman character, Carter declined to answer directly, saying that to do so would diminish" what The X-Files does best--create wonder."

Q: What was the biggest challenge and biggest reward of making this new movie?
A: (F.S.) Snow during the shoot and fan reaction, respectively.
(C..C.) "Ditto."

Q: Did you really cut the "steamy sex scene" between Mulder and Scully?
A: (C.C.) "No, it's in there!" (in a tongue-in-cheek tone)

Q: In the final episode, why did Mulder see dead people?
A: (C.C.) "Well, Mulder's dead." After this provoked much laughter from the audience, Carter went on to explain that the scene was intended metaphorically, not literally.

Q: Does The X-Files ever scare you?
A: (F.S.) "I have a strange reaction" (to scary things). "I know it's horrifying, but I'm amused by [them]."
(C.C.) "I have the same reaction. There's something in the movie that's very scary and it just made me giddy." Note: both men commented that they are too close to the episodes/movies to get scared in quite the same way an audience might.

Q: Will Frank Black be in the movie?
A:(C.C.) "No." But Carter would love to work with Lance Henriksen again and talks to him "all the time."

Q: What is your favorite moment from the series and one that best typifies Mulder's and Scully's relationship?
A: (C.C.) Favorite episode--"The Post-Modern Prometheus" from season five. Moment that best sums up the protagonists' relationship--when, re Scully driving, Mulder says, "I was just never sure your little feet could reach the pedals."

Q: Do you read fan fiction and was it the inspiration for the fabled "steamy sex scene."
A: (C.C.) "I appreciate the fan fiction... [and I think] people are living much racier lives than I am."

Q: Before tackling the new movie, did either of you watch any old episodes for inspiration?
A: (C.C.) "No."
(F.S.) "I never watch the show."

Q: Has the work of the late Arthur C. Clarke been an inspiration to you?
A: (C.C.) "I was inspired by his imagination and the uncanny way that his writings predicted the future."

Q: Will we ever know who the father of Scully's baby is?
A: (C.C.) "It's Mulder."

Q: Is Mitch Pileggi in the new movie?
A: (C.C.) "He's in that 'steamy sex scene' with Mulder and Scully."

And a few last tidbits...

F.S.: "The theme of The X-Files is not about 'aliens.' It's about other people" and our relationships with them.
C.C.: "Fox [the studio] never had another title" for the upcoming movie.
C.C.: "Now and again I see Lost and I'm always blown away by it. I thought the pilot was excellent and wrote J.J. [Abrams] telling him so."
C.C.: The "Blu-ray will be very cool" although it's hard to say what extra footage will be included on home releases since the filmmakers are "still editing the film."

And, finally, it drew much laughter when one fan speculated/implied that an "unrated" version of the movie might contain therumored naughty scenes between Mulder and Scully.

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