X-Files Lives on in New Comic Books

During Friday night's The-X Files: I Want to Believe panel at NYC Comic Con with the film's executive producer and co-writer Frank Spotnitz and director-executive producer Chris Carter, Spotnitz let a big cat out of the bag. He said that DC and Wildstorm Comics would be announcing a brand new X Files comic book series tomorrow during one of the many panels. The moderator said jokingly, "I think you just announced it," to which Carter added, "Don't tell anyone." Cut to — a million X-Files fans texting and emailing the scoop simultaneously.

The X-Filesmania that was so rampant in the '90s seems to have had a bit of a rebirth since the second film was announced several months ago. Since then, new sites like XFilesNews.com have sprouted up to report on the movie's photos, set visits, interviews and lots of gossip about the highly secretive plot. Older sites like Haven, a message board for Mulder and Scully fans, have seen fans return in droves to discuss new movie theories and details. Now, fans have even more Mulder and Scully to look forward to in the new comic book series. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge tomorrow at the official announcement.



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