Announcing the X-Files / 30 Days of Night crossover

This summer, WildStorm will publish an all-new comic book series combining two of the most popular horror properties of the last two decades: THE X-FILES and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT.

The six-issue series will be co-written by 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles and rockstar-turned-writer Adam Jones, guitarist of the band Tool. The series will feature the moody artwork of comics industry legend Tom Mandrake (who, amongst all of his illustrious credits, just did some amazing guest pages in Victorian Undead.)

Check out some words from Steve and Tom below:

“I’m a huge X-Files fan and when the cross-over was presented to me, I lunged at the chance. It’s actually a very good match, I think because the vampires in 30 Days have a real-world feel to them, they are not effected by crossed or garlic or any of the common folklore which lends itself nicely to the X-Files universe. And getting a chance to work with Adam Jones is amazing. He’s a pal, but I am also a huge fan of TOOL, as well as his video work for the band; not to mention the special effects he did at Stan Winstons before he became a rock star. He came up with the hook that really made this story come together.” - Steve Niles

“I’ve been an X-Files fan from the very first episode and have always wanted to illustrate a story featuring Scully and Mulder. I’m also a huge fan of Steve Niles and 30 Days of Night. What could be a better project for a horror fan like myself than pitting the X-File’s best agents against relentless vampires in the frozen North?  Steve Niles and Adam Jones have collaborated to mesh both concepts together to give me a chance to draw the stuff I love to draw best– my favorite FBI agents, vampires and dark, bloody horror.” - Tom Mandrake

More details, including the cover and an interview with Steve Niles about the series, coming soon!

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