David Duchovny Back In X-Files

In “The X-Files: I Want to Believe,” David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are back as the agents investigating the cases that no one else can unravel, cases that are simply inexplicable. Their latest is their most bizarre, dangerous and challenging – one that is sure to disturb and scare even the toughest and most unflappable fans of The X-Files. But it is also a moving and emotional story, taking the well-loved characters of Mulder and Scully to new levels as their highly charged relationship unfolds in completely unexpected ways. David Duchovny, in the following Q&A reveals what it’s like to be back doing the movie a decade after.

Q: The chemistry between you and Gillian is fantastic – as it always was. Was that very natural for you, falling back into the relationship?

“It was natural. It was nice to get back and work with Gillian again and we just let it happen. I don’t know why the chemistry is so good; it is a kind of mystical thing. You work well with some people and not with others. We always worked really well together for whatever reason so that was always pretty easy. “

Q: You cannot say much about the story I know but what can you say about the role?

“ We had to figure out what Mulder might be doing and where he might be doing it at this point and at the time we are investigating this particular case in the story. Basically, some things are the same: these two characters work for the FBI. Dana Scully is a doctor and a rationalist and my character, Fox Mulder is a guy who believes in the paranormal and UFOs. They are a kind of bickering couple who take on these cases that no one else can seem to solve.”

Q: It is tough physically? A lot of the movie is shot outside in the cold and snow in the mountains.

“It is not so hard for me. I don’t mind because I get to go back into my trailer in between takes and get warm. It is hard for the crew because they have to stand there for fourteen hours straight. Physically I am fine with the action. I always try to stay in good shape. I do a little of everything, I cross train.”

Q: Can you reveal anything about the tone or direction of the story?

“It’s a thriller, it is mysterious and scary and as always with THE X-FILES, I try to inject some humor into it on occasion. The ongoing relationship between Mulder and Scully is the foundation of the whole film and it really gets complicated in this one. It is the developing story of these two people, told through this new case, which opens up the whole can of worms again after all these years.”

Q: In the film, you’re the believer, mystical, spiritual one. Is that something that is true for you in your own life?

“I would say Gillian is probably closer to that than I am. I am probably more of a skeptic than Gillian. I am open to spirituality but not to quackery and things that are clearly ridiculous. But if I saw as much evidence to point to the existence of the paranormal as Mulder did, I would be open to it all, certainly. However in my own life I have not seen what Mulder has seen.”

Q: How do you balance your career and family life?

“My family is great and my kids don’t care about the work I do. Children just care about having a stable home, having a mom and dad. Tea and I just try to work at different times so we are not both away too much. The children have been young enough so that we could pick them up and take them with us on location but they are getting to the point at which we might get arrested if we keep taking them out of school so much (laughs) so in the future, we will have to be in one place for most of the time and we are working it out so we are not both working away from home at the same time.”

Q: Would you do another X-FILES movie?

“Absolutely, I would love to. That was always what I wanted to do. I loved the show but I wanted it to end when it did. It was the right time. I got tired of the grind of making a network television show but I never tired of the character or the possibilities of the show. I definitely didn’t want THE X-FILES to end completely, so I am delighted we are making this film.“

Born and raised in New York City, David Duchovny attended Princeton University. He received his Masters Degree in English Literature from Yale University and was intending to pursue an academic career before he changed direction and decided to start acting, becoming one of Hollywood’s most accomplished and versatile performers.

He was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series for “The X-Files” in 1997 and won a best actor Golden Globe Award for his performance in the TV series that same year. Duchovny went on to direct two critically acclaimed episodes of THE X-FILES, titled: “Hollywood A.D.” and “The Unnatural.”

His film credits include “Kalifornia,” The Rapture,” “Chaplin,” “Beethoven,” “Evolution,” “Playing God,” “Zoolander” and “Full Frontal.” In 2005 he directed his first film, “House of D.” He recently appeared in “Trust the Man” and “Things We Lost in the Fire.” He won a Golden Globe this year for his starring role as Hank Moody the highly praised American TV series, “Californication.” The actor is married to actress Tea Leoni and the couple has two children.

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