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Marksnow96: We’re here with Mark Snow…

OnlineHost: An eerie, yet intriguing, melody glides over a shimmering, sinister rhythmic pattern. A familiar sense of anticipation and delightful dread settles in, as one of the most evocative musical themes in television history announces another episode of The X-Files; the latest triumph in the eclectic career of Mark Snow.

Marksnow96: Tosend your questions in for Mark Snow, click on the interact icon and send it in!! We are ready to begin!

From Mtowns102:
Question: Mark, What equiptment do you use in the X-File theme, and how many tracks did you use in recording it. Were you the only musician or where there others recording the score?

Marksnow96: My main instrument is the synclavier, a bunch of MIDI gear and my wife whistled it and I doubled that with PRODEUS 2 (Whistling Joe).

From Eve23:
Question: Where do you get your ideas for the music on the X-Files?

Marksnow96: Just from years of listening and studying music and being heavily influenced from my favorite composers. Such as: Stravinsky, Bartok, Ravel and John Adams and Brian Eno.

From DJL509:
Question: Are you finding it difficult to score two shows this fall instead of just one?

Marksnow96: No – my schedules are working out really well and there’s less music in MILLENIUM than in X-Files.

From SfStegall:
Question: Mark: Have you written any lullabies for your grandchild yet?

Marksnow96: No, but that’s a good idea. I don’t want to scare the poor child!

From rob220:
Question: Will the XFiles ever be filmed in Portland Oregon?

Marksnow96: No it won’t, it is only filmed in Vancouver.

Question: Is that u on the hidden tracks on the x files cd

Marksnow96: No, it’s Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds. I’m not sure who is on the other hidden track.

From RBWoodb:
Question: where did you get your musical training?

Marksnow96: The Juilliard School Of Music in New York City.

From WuChou1:
Question: I regret to say that I was on a ferry to Nantucket last Friday at nine and missed the premire. Could you tell me what happened with the alien? Most appreciated.

Marksnow96: The alien got in all sorts of hijinx. He was buried alive in sawdust, stung by thousands of killer bees, injected with killer alien juice and finally at the end of the show, saves Mulder’s mother.

From IIIFaDell:
Question: What other music have you made? Are you involved in the making of the show?

Marksnow96: I’m doing the Millenium show. I’ve done many tv movies and min-series, including “The Last Confederate Widow Tells All” and “Children Of The Dust.” I also did a series called “Nowhere Man” which was cancelled. I have nothing to do with the making of show.

From LingnH:
Question: Do you know what happens later in the season? Please tell!

Marksnow96: The next bunch of shows don’t have anything to do with the global conspiracy theories.. and I am sworn to secrecy about what happens next. I hope you understand!

From FoxxMulde:
Question: What is your favorite cut on your new CD and why?

Marksnow96: Ahha… I don’t have any one favorite, but the ones I like the most are: “One Breath” “Humbug” “Conduit” and “Soft Light”

From SLP Hawk9:
Question: Has your versio of Starsky & Hutch been released? I found it only on a BBC import in 1980 (“BBC Detective Themes” recorded by “Laurie Holloway”, but that record got destroyed in a move. Thanks!

Marksnow96: No. That was a long time ago. There is no version of that out that I know of.

Question: Hiya Mark! This is Mr Sp00ky! I was wondering how it feels to work with such talented producers Chris Carter and Paul Rabwin (and all the others) and how it feels to work with an award winning Drama Series? Thanks!

Marksnow96: When they all like what I do, it’s great! When they don’t, it sucks. But mostly they do! It’s a great group of people, and we all get along.

From IIIFaDell:
Question: Your wife whistled it? It sounds synthetic, did you improve it somehow?

Marksnow96: It’s the machine and my wife’s whistling sample combined.

From Gingerbab:
Question: I wa rather disappointed to see the X-files open their season with the same theme song and opening sequences. Any plans to change either soon??

Marksnow96: No! We are not going to argue with success.

From TwnklToes:
Question: I was wondering how you chose victims for yor show. I’ve always wanted to be on your show.

Marksnow96: We interview people and see who the most vulnerable are. The ones who get scared the most, we keep them!

From Gambit161:
Question: How do you come up with the songs on the show?

Marksnow96: Well. it’s like, I’m an accompanment to the show. I loook at the action and the drama and that gives me the ideas.

From KReedstro:
Question: Can you think of some shows that have failed because of poor music?

Marksnow96: No – but I can think of great music that has failed because of poor shows.

From Sam67:
Question: are you worried that the synclavier, which is your main axe, won’t be supported much longer?

Marksnow96: good question… But, even though the company has gone down, a fellow in New Hampshire has inherited all of the blueprints and all of the spare parts. There is still very good support in L.A. The synclavier is still (for me) the quickest and most elegant of all.

From Scooby134:
Question: How long does it take you to write the score for a whole show?

Marksnow96: It takes anywhere from 3-5 days.

From Bondo9401:
Question: With the two shows being so close in their dark tone, is it a challange to keep the music different and original for both?

Marksnow96: It was at the bginning, but in the opening episode of Millenium, I established a different sound that that of X-Files. I’ll be able to stick with that sound on Millenium, which I hope you will find different from X-Files.

From JJRobb:
Question: hi love your show. will we ever find out the truth about mulder’s sister?

Marksnow96: There will be clues about Mulder’s sister throughout this year… with a SHOCKING conclusion.

From QL Tiersk:
Question: Which of the X-Files episodes contains your favorite score?

Marksnow96: There are a few. “Colony/End Game” “Humbug” “Grotesque” “Jose Chung” and “Ice”

From Tanis8002:
Question: Mark, what is your favorite episode?

Marksnow96: “Jose Chung”

From Bailey917:
Question: Does anything ever happen between Mulder and Scully?

Marksnow96: Nothing has happened, or will ever happen between Mulder and Scully.

From CBrown511:
Question: Are you yourself interested in the supernatural??

Marksnow96: Yes I am! I saw a UFO once. At least I think that is what it was. On the New York stat freeway near  Albany, I was driving and looked up and saw a large round craft with lights.

From TNaszcyni:
Question: When will your new CD be out?

Marksnow96: The new cd called “The Truth and the Light” is out on October 8th. Tomorrow!

From LBock9814:
Question: You say it is only filmed in Vancouver. Why does it give viewers specific locations such as Washington D.C.?

Marksnow96: The great thing about Vancouver is that it has many different looks. Urban, mountains, lakes, rural countryside, desert, and so on. I’m just fine, thank you!

From Larencel:
Question: Mark, are you planning to release any of the music from “Nowhere Man” or “Millenium” on CD?

Marksnow96: There’s ionterest for themusic from “Nowhere Man” from a label in San Francisco. And Interscope records wants to do the Millenium soundtrack.

From Wu Chou 1:
Question: Have you ever been filmed in an episode?

Marksnow96: No, not yet, but I’d love to be one of the serial killers.

Question: What are you going to be for Halloween?

Marksnow96: I’m going to dress up as FoxxMulder and go to Paris and ride the subways and see if anyone recognizes me. If that doesn’t work, I am going to dress up as Eugene Tooms and sneak into people’s houses and give them very bad spankings!

Question: Are there monsters under your bed?

Marksnow96: The only monster I know, are the ones lurking in my brain.

From MoeWarner:
Question: Mark…what other ambient artists do you listen to?

Marksnow96: Brian Eno, Deep Forest, Philip Glass, Bob Dole

From Litl Hmbr:
Question: DId you enter Juilliard as a piano student?

Marksnow96: No, as an oboe student.

Question: Mark, do you like pastrami or corned beef on your reuben sandwich?

Marksnow96: good question! I love pastrami plain, but on a reuben sandwich, corned beef. But my favorite deli sandwich of all is: briskett with Russian dressing and coleslaw on rye.

From StarTravr:
Question: What are your favorite present electronic composers? If there are any.

Marksnow96: Spectrum they are my current favorite…

From Starbuck2:
Question: How much influence, if any, does Chris Carter have on the music that you write for the show?

Marksnow96: At the beginning, he was very specific with what he wanted. He hated melody and loved ambient atmospheric sound, but I knew I couldn’t do that for every show. So, now the shows are a combination of ambient music and actual music.

From Sigenpob:
Question: why can’t i find your cd anywhere?

Marksnow96: You will tomorrow! It’s called “The Truth And The LIght” from Warner Bros. Records and it comes out tomorrow.

From XPiperBlu:
Question: Mr. Snow- do you ever want to actually be in an X-Files episode? perhaps, as one fan suggested, whistling the theme to the show?

Marksnow96: I think that’s a great idea.. I’d love to be in a scene at night with Mulder and Scully talking to each other in the street, and I’m this guy with dark glasses and a tin cup, whistling the theme song.

From Krazkin:
Question: Mark, are you ever overwhelmed success of the X-Files and furthermore by the fame you’ve achieved through your contribution.

Marksnow96: Completely surprised by it and actually very happy about it. I never thought it would be this successful.

From Gzjena:
Question: Have you ever considered working on a music and/or interactive CD-ROM with the producers of the X-Files?

Marksnow96: The producers of the show don’t have time for anything but the show, but I’ve been contacted by people who do interactive games to do music for them.

From JK 12005:

Marksnow96: That’s my secret!

From Go4Itt:
Question: How many CD’s are there for XFiles with your music and what are there names? Which is your favorite piece?

Marksnow96: “Songs In The Key Of x” and “The Truth and The Light”, which is only the background music for X-Files. It comes out tomorrow! Buy it! You’ll like it! Play it loud!!!

From Carter101:
Question: How do you know so much about the show, if you only write the music?

Marksnow96: Because I see it before I write the music for it!!!!

From AKins721:
Question: Hello…I am a huge XFiles fan…What do you have planned for this season…The opening show was great

Marksnow96: There are some amazingly bizarre shows this season, more adventurous than the first three years.  Especially, show # 3 entitled “Home.”

From Tanis8002:
Question: Mark, what other TV shows do you watch?

Marksnow96: I love “True Stories of the Highway Patrol”

From Krazkim:
Question: Mark! I have to know this. How come when Moulder stabbed the alien with the AWL he didn’t die?? Please!!

Marksnow96: Because, he was a much more pwerful alien than the one portrayed by Roy Thinnes. Mulder’s AWL was purchased by K-Mart.

From Reaper417:
Question: Did you write any sone on the CD Songs in the Key of X?

Marksnow96: No – just the theme.

From Machroon:
Question: Do you get and grupies because of the show??

Marksnow96: Only on the internet, since we don’t tour with the Mark Snow/X-Files orchestra.

From Silvag721:
Question: What is your favorate instrument?

Marksnow96: Cello, English horn, and the harp.

From Restopan:
Question: Mark, are you pleased with the mixes on the show ?

Marksnow96: I always like to hear the music a little hotter, but mostly they do a good job.

From Bondo9401:
Question: Tell us about the studio you have in your house to do the music. Do you use that on Millenium?

Marksnow96: yes, it’s my garage that I converted into a studio. It’s a very neat compact room.

From Sigenpob:
Question: For the X-movie will you compose a complete symphonic score or will it be more synthesiser stuff?

Marksnow96: It will be a huge 85 piece orchestra, combined with some of my cooler electronic sound

From PJMcCanna:
Question: Do you ever get scared of your show?

Marksnow96: There was one scene, where somebody was taking a shower and he coughed some horrible slimy seaslug thing.. I had to watch that scene a lot. It was pretty gross.

From PFadis107:
Question: How did you learn about the X-files?

Marksnow96: A producer/friend of mine named R.W. Goodwin got me involved in the show and introduced me to Chris Carter.

From Eve23:
Question: Is there a specific process you use to create your music for X-Files and Millenium? If so, what is it?

Marksnow96: I always start on the longest hardest piece of music first, and base the rest of the score around that.

From Wu Chou1:
Question: Do you wear a lot of black?

Marksnow96: When I am feeling extra-overweight I do.

From SLMooney:
Question: How does working on the X-Files compare to other shows you’ve worked on?

Marksnow96: It’s the most fun I’ve ever had! It’s the best show on TV. I don’t know if there will ever be anything as cool as the X-Files.

From Machroon:
Question: Marksnow what are some purks as a result of the show????

Marksnow96: I got a free Paul Simon hair piece and autographed pictures of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

From Sexyman02:
Question: What is Gillian Anderson like off camera?

Marksnow96: She’s incredibly sweet, unpretentious, a really great down to earth person.

From Sexyman02:
Question: Is there plans for another X-Files CD in the future?

Marksnow96: Well, depending on how this one sells… so, everybody buy “The Truth and The LIght” tomorrow!!!!

Question: Mark, when did you first start to write music?

Marksnow96: After I saw the first Planet of The Apes movie. Jerry Goldsmith’s score really inspired me. Last question here…. time to go!

From Ophelia41:
Question: Hi Mark! What’s your favorite key or chord?

Marksnow96: Hi Ophelia! Thanks for showing up! I do love F minor and D minor. That’s the real “Key of X-Files.”

Marksnow96: Thank you all for showing up! I love you all. They were great questions. Hope to see you in some of the X-files chat rooms soon. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!! Good night everyne!!

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