Does Anyone Still Care About 'The X-Files'? Here's Why You Should

Apparently some people out there, including at least one colleague (cough, Josh Horowitz, cough) think that the upcoming film "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" is not worth covering. I've heard several excuses: the TV show ended too many years ago; the stars are old; the movie has nothing new to offer today's audience; no one cares. Now this is a movie that, as an "X-Files" fan, I've been awaiting for some time - and I don't think I'm alone. Even for the non-fan, the casual movie-goer, there's plenty to get excited about. So, I will now give you five reasons why "The X-Files: I Want to Believe" merits our attention:

1. "The X-Files" wasn't just a show, it was a pop culture phenomenon. The combination of innovative plotting, inspired writing, great production values, and the chemistry between the two leads -- Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny -- spawned many imitators. But no sci-fi show has come close to what "The X-Files" achieved in its nine years on the air (and it never really went away; you can still see the show in reruns on various networks). It brings to mind another iconic TV show that became a hit movie very recently...

2. ...but unlike "Sex and the City", "The X-Files" will have something to offer both guys AND girls: action, intrigue, humor, probably a bit of romance... what more could a movie-goer ask for?

3. For a flick based on a TV show, the first "XF" film did pretty well at the box office. Granted, the series was still going strong at the time, but not everyone who paid to see that first flick was a dedicated "XF" fan, or even a casual viewer of the show. And from what I've already seen and heard, the second flick could top the first.

4. The core of the "XF" gang is back: Duchovny and Anderson -- both of whom have been steadily working in TV and film since the show ended -- of course lead the cast as FBI partners Mulder and Scully. Director/creator Chris Carter and co-writer/producer Frank Spotnitz are also back. These guys had years of success together, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t strike gold again.

5. Xzibit is in it.



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