Abbot and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Mulder and Scully?

The X-Files is known for its complicated, labrynthine mythology and plot twists, which is good, because fans might need those analytical skills to sort out where we left Mulder and Scully. The newest installment in the franchise comes 10 years after the first movie and six years after the end of the series, and, understandably, a plot thread or two can get lost in the mix. Let Mulder and Scully themselves sort it out for you, and tie up at least one hinted-at, but never confirmed, loose series thread in this Filmazing exclusive. With the easy chemistry of these two though, be sure to keep your sarcasm detectors on high.

Q: We've been waiting for six years. Tell us where we left off six years ago, and where we are pick it up the characters.

D: Let's just say that six years have passed and six years that we've been together in some capacity. So our relationship that grew over nine years is now almost 15 years. It's almost like a lifelong partnership at this point, and it's interesting to watch it develop and grow in the medium of a thriller at the same time.
So, that's kind of the facinating thing about this film, is that its a 15-year thing going on between us. That's interesting to watch on screen because its actual. Usually on screen people meet and fall in love [suddenly], I would think. Isn't that the way it usually happens?
G: Yeah, usually happens.
D: We're just like tired of it already — 15 years.
G: Yeah, we're old timers. We're already in love.

Q: It's very organic, it doesn't feel like being sped ahead. Six years ago, if I am not mistaken, you guys were running away.

G: Oh, where the movie ended, that was 10 years.
D: Yeah, that was 10 years ago, so we got over that. We had a chance to heal.
G: We stopped running away, and then we went back.
D: We got off the ice and our wounds healed and we forgot about that.
G: Then something else happened, that we can't remember, during the actual series that was six years ago.  Apparently we had a baby.
D: Yeah, a lot of stuff happened.

Q: Wait a minute, there was a baby?

D: Yeah, there was a baby. We don't like to talk about it. It's painful.
G: Yeah! Yeah, we had a baby. I'd forgotten about it too so I don't blame you.
D: William.
G: Not Shanter! (laughs)

Q: (laughs) I hope not. It looks like there is one now [Anderson is expecting this fall].

G: Yes, but David for once does not have anything to do with it. That was with my other two, but not this one.
D: What a time to tell me [They're kidding — we think] .

Q: In this six years, what have you guys been doing in your own lives? You know, since you got involved in X-Files. I saw you [Gillian] the other night on PBS.

G: Yeah, people think that that is my latest job, that I'm hosting Masterpiece Theatre.
D: Oh, I heard that. Do you sit there in front of a fire? Do you sit in front of a fire with a glass of brandy?
G: No, I don't. I don't.
D: I wish you did.
G: I know, I know.
D: Alistair Cook, he's the man. You are filling some big shoes.
G: I am indeed. I was in a few episodes for them. That was like six hours out of my life, and its become my new job. I have been doing films and theater and stuff. I live in London. And David has been taking his clothes off and having sex with as many people as possible from what I understand. 
D: You have to see the show. It's not really like that.
G: Is it not? Oh, ok, I'm completely wrong.

Q: [To David] And we have seen a couple of your films. Tell us what you have been doing.

D: Just the same, you know, independent, bigger. Wrote and directed one. Small parts, big parts, just being an actor.

Q: Any hope for an X-Files 3 movie?

G: We'll see what happens in the next couple of weeks. I think that's going to tell us a lot in terms of whether we show up and do this again. But hopefully.
D: We would do it, we would definitely do it.
G: The pay might have to be a bit better.



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