Gillian Anderson makes memorable speech at BAFTA Awards (video)

Whenever you watch an awards show, this is exactly what you want to see -- someone not only accepting defeat with joy, but having a good laugh about it in the process.

At the 2011 BAFTA Awards, Gillian Anderson (best known to American audiences for playing Scully on "The X-Files") was presenting an award for Best Actor in a Comedy after she ended up losing an award in her own category. The end result? Hilarity.

  • First, she decided to give a shout-out to her designer -- who also happens to be her friend.
  • Then, she preceded to poke fun at herself for losing the award.
  • Finally, she closed things off by making a clever joke about the actors who were nominated for the Best Actor trophy.

At this point, it almost doesn't even matter who won -- we were too mermerized by the speech.

Are you happy to see Gillian again after all these years?

FONTE: Examiner (USA)

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