Interview: David Duchovny

If the truth really is out there, Mulder and Scully have one more episode to find it. After nine seasons, “The X-Files” will close this Sunday. David Duchovny, who returns for the finale, spoke with NEWSWEEK’s Devin Gordon about saying goodbye.

Can you spill any details about the finale?
You know, I had trouble understanding most of it, so I’m not sure how much I can help. It’s a return to what [series creator] Chris Carter calls “the mythology”: certain people in the government—most of whom have Canadian accents, for some reason—are making deals with the aliens to save their own skin.

A lot of fans stopped watching the show after you left and that new guy came.
I don’t think anybody but my mom stopped watching. Actually not even her. My mom would call me and say, “That Robert Patrick, I love him!”


If I pay you, will you tell me how the series ends?
Well, it ends like all great things do in life. [ Long pause ]

I’m sorry, I was waiting for the big payoff.
No, that’s it. [ Laughs ] You have to finish it yourself. OK, I’ll say this: it ends in bed. Where life begins. Well, usually. Sometimes it begins in a parking lot.

How frustrating has it been trying to escape from the shadow of Fox Mulder?
It was frustrating at first. But eventually you come to grips with the fact that this is an iconic character and it’s not gonna go away. So I don’t struggle against it anymore. I just say, “Thank you.” If I can come up with an iconic character every decade, I’ll be happy.

Rumor has it there was some water-gun combat while you were making the finale.
Yeah, it’s easy for me: I can spray people but when they turn on me, I just say, “Hey, I’m in wardrobe. You’ll get in trouble.”

Or, “I’m David Duchovny and I can fire you.”
Yes, it’s very frustrating to get into a water-gun fight with me. But look, it was very hot out there. I was just trying to make people more comfortable.

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