TVgen Chat at the X-Files Movie Premiere Party

Michael Leib: Hi folks....Michael Leib here...we are LIVE and right in the center of the maelstrom that is the X-Files premiere party!!! Right now we are in a hangar at the Santa Monica Airport. I can't tell you which one cause it's part of an elaborate conspiracy. The place is completely decked out in X-Files decorations...right down to folks in lab coats serving drinks! It's incredible....laser light shows.....etc.

We are right next to the BIG DJ booth. It seems like EVERY DJ in L.A. is here. We're just waiting for David, Gillian and company to arrive and make this party come to life!!!!

Any questions about the premiere? Let's have a few general ones. I'll see if I can answer 'em.

Stars at the premiere ranged from David and Gillian to Dweezil Zappa and Lisa Loeb... Other notables in attendance were Mimi Rogers.....Carol Alt... Stephen J. Cannell.... Luke Perry....Martin Short....David Borneaz. Everyone who is ANYONE was at this premiere...and will be rolling in here shortly to the party.

Mdwf: Now that it's premiered can the general public see the movie in L.A.?

Leib: movie opens practically everywhere on June 19 though....and there are posters and billboards for it all over! I was too busy getting this chat set up tonight to see it..... :( There's REALLY loud music here at the moment by the way.....X-Files theme, of course.

We have some SPECIAL guests coming by really soon. My secret spies.......tell me that the movie is GREAT! X Fans will NOT be disappointed. and non-X fans will certainly be in for a great ride.....

Julia_Wainwright: Did the actors get to see it before tonight, or did they have to wait?

Leib: Certain actors got to see it. Many of them, like Laurie Holden, didn't. Most people are seeing the film for the first time. We sure are.....we've got some really cool special guests coming in soon to spend some time with us.

Party of Five's Scott Wolf was at the premiere. So was Politically Incorrect's Bill Mahr. I think I spotted Minnie Driver too. EVERYONE is gonna be here shortly. Even Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill. We're also downloading some cool photos from the premiere for the TVGEN site. Check out The X-Files Index. I'm looking at a photo of D.D. right now with his lovely wife Téa Leoni.. We're sending 'em back east on the computer next to me. The next best thing to being there.

No sign of the Gunmen yet, but they'll be chatting with us on Monday at 10 p.m./ET, and on Tuesday, Mark Snow will come by to impart some of his musical insights to us at 9 p.m./ET. Finally, on 8 p.m./ET...ACADEMY AWARD-winner and new member of the X-Files mythos, Martin Landau will come by to chat with us for an hour. If you want the inside scoop on the X-Files, TVGEN is the place to be.

Zuphillious: Did any of the Lone Gunmen show at the premiere?

Leib: No Gunmen yet...hmmm......Frohike.....Byers...Langly.... where are those guys anyway? CSM has been everywhere this weekend though. At the Saturn awards last night and at the premiere.

Téa and D.D. just walked in!!!! The party has officially begun! Get ready folks, we're gonna have a lot of fun tonight with our special guests. Start sending in questions for ALL the cast members. You never know who's gonna stop by at a given moment.

D_Kyi: Is the character of Krychek in the movie?

Leib: Nope, Nick Lea is not in the movie, but you know he's gonna show up where you least expect him. He's fun that way. But there are tons of OTHER great secrets in store. You'll have to see what the stars tell us this evening. From what I hear, the movie is fantastic. Oh yeah, also a lot of rock stars are here this evening. Melissa Etheridge was at the premiere earlier.

There goes D.D. right past us here looking good in a suit. It's Hollywood style in full force here tonight folks.... Stars are rolling in left and right now. Oh.....the ever popular Mitch Pileggi is also here this evening. What would the X-Files premiere party be without Skinner?

Todd McFarlane is on the way. McFarlane Toys did all the toys for the movie.

TVG_X_Files_Star: Mark Snow is coming over instead, in just a minute guys!...

John Walsh: John Walsh, here. The place is filling up as people are streaming in from the opening of the film.

Leib: Mark Snow is on the way. So is Todd "Spawn" McFarlane.

Walsh: Music is ranging from sort of acid-funk to drum 'n' bass.

Leib: This is the party of the year...without a doubt! The music is blaring......stars are filing in..... it doesn't get any better than this! Even by Hollywood standards.

Keep those questions coming in folks. We're here LIVE. I just saw Jerry and Charlie O'Connell walk by....the stars of SLIDERS!

Don't forget that X-Files: Fight the Future opens everywhere on June 19! There goes Nick Lea and Laurie Holden, the devilish duo of the X-Files.

Walsh: The music is now changing to African...

Leib: The premiere is going GREAT!!!! You've never seen so many stars in one place!!!!

Steffyknee: What's the general consensus from those who are coming in? Was it a hit or a miss?

Walsh: Hit. Big, big hit!

We are with Charlie and Jerry O'Connell from Sliders.

TVGEN: Did you guys enjoy the film?

Charlie O'Connell: The movie was absolutely fantastic! If you're a big X-Files fan, it's unbelievable!

Kenross: Jerry, how is it working with your brother?

Jerry O'Connell: Charlie is a punk!! I don't know how he got the job!

Charlie: Jerry is an idiot. I don't know how he remembers his lines. They brought me in to coach him.

Jerry: It would be cool to work with him if his breath wasn't so bad!

Charlie: Every shot we do, Jerry has to stand on boxes because he's so much shorter than me!

Leib: Charlie, when do your Sliders episodes start?

Charlie: I'll come on in four weeks. Looking forward to it, very excited and so's my mom!

OScullyvan: Jerry and Charlie, how can you relate The X-Files to Sliders?

Jerry: First of all I'd like to say, X Files is my favorite show on television, and my hat goes off to Chris Carter, who has not fallen into the trap of lame TV after a number of seasons. His show still is just as good today as it was in the early episodes, and the movie is even freakier. Trust no one, not even your parents!

Charlie: They are both sci-fi shows.

Jerry: Sliders is not as paranoid.

Charlie: The Sliders are undercover, just like the X Files are.

Jerry: Check out Sliders this season. Check out my bro on it. We bring a lot of energy, and the Sci-Fi Channel allows us to get freaky. And now I'm going to get a drink!

Walsh: We are now in techno-land, musically speaking. Nick Lea just passed by.

We're here live for the X Files premiere party. The stars are out in full force. Hold it. Something big is about to happen. The lights have all gone out. The remixed theme is starting up, and a serious light show is starting. Fog machines and laser lights, and some SERIOUS dancers....!! The main doors are opening. It's a techno remix of the theme...with a lot of smoke happening. A group of dancers is now carrying "X-File Drinks" on trays that light up through the crowd. The dancers have now moved to the main stage.

TVGEN: Sounds like you are being treated to a big-time production!

Walsh: Mark Snow has joined us!!

Hepcat_plucky: Mark, where do you get the inspiration for your music? Does it come from the show itself...or does it, almost just appear?

Mark Snow: I just saw the X-Files premiere. Very exciting! It was the first time I saw the movie all together, and it was a thrill to see and hear my music on the big screen rather than on a TV monitor! I loved the movie. It's very exciting. How they translated it from the TV show to the movie was brilliant. It was nothing like a TV knockoff. Really works on the big screen. It was fun being at a premiere where there were a lot of fans of the show, making me feel that what I do makes an impact in the series.

IcedTea420: Mark Snow, where do you get your inspiration for your music and how long does it take you to compose a piece?

Snow: A TV episode takes about three to five days. And inspiration just comes from all my years of experience doing it!

Angelynx: No question, Mark. I just want to say your music is wonderful!

Elderess27: How do you come up with such a vast quantity of music every week?

Snow: I don't know, I amaze myself sometimes! No, just a lot of experience and a lot of discipline. There is a deadline and it has to be done.

Rowenat: How much freedom do you have to decide where the music goes in each episode?

Snow: It's completely up to me.

Steffyknee: Do you use certain instruments to denote Mulder and Scully in your music?

Snow: Mostly violins and cellos. Strings.

Walsh: Todd McFarlane is here and ready to go. He did all the toys for the film and he's also the creator of Spawn.

Todd: I'm always nervous when I come on the Internet because I'm kind of computer illiterate, so please don't hold that against me!

ProKaZZ: Mr. McFarlane, when designing the toys, was it important that they actually resemble the characters from the movie?

Todd: Absolutely. If you can capture the likeness of an actor or actress, given that the size of their head is about half an inch high, that's probably one of the hardest things that I've done in the five years that I've been in the toy business.

Nychen: Todd, were you a fan of The X-Files before the toys? And after making the toys, did you become more of a fan?

Todd: Given that The X-Files is such a big show, it was really the biggest piece of the puzzle that I gave my sculptors. If you only get two things right, make sure that you get the likeness of Scully and Mulder. In all honesty, I don't get a chance to watch much TV or see many movies. I'm busy making them myself! But whenever there is something that is very successful, then you become aware of it and given the kind of people that follow The X-Files, it was the same kind of group of people that I target most of my products to from my various companies.

Kamellya: Mr. McFarlane, how many toys did you provide for the movie?

Todd: Six different items you can buy off the shelf, but there are a total of ten individual movie toys that you can actually get in the six packages. There are two items that come in each package, with a bit of overlap

Leib: Thanks for joining us, Todd! There's some serious dancing going on stage. The dancers are all wearing white and silver and are seriously HOT! We are now surrounded on all four walls by a giant panorama of snow-capped mountains, strange as that may seem...

We're here with Christina Applegate, send in your questions out there!

Wizcraker: Christina, how did you like the movie?

Christina Applegate: I thought it was wonderful! I don't really watch the show, but now I think I will!

Kamellya: Christina, what did you think of the special effects?

Applegate: They were, ahhh.. special.

GreenSteele: So, the movie didn't make you confused since you haven't seen much of The X-Files?

Applegate: Obviously not. The script on its own was very good.

Pseudo_intellectual_1976: What surprised you the most about the movie?

Applegate: That David Duchovny didn't flash his stuff like he did on The Larry Sanders Show.

Wizcraker: Would you consider the movie to be one of the best for the summer?

Applegate: Summer hasn't begun yet...

E_Terrestrial: Was the movie what you expected it to be?

Applegate: I didn't have any expectations, so it was more than I expected, I suppose!

Kamellya: Christina, are you a big sci-fi fan?

Applegate: Not necessarily.

ProKaZZ: Christina, what is the party atmosphere like there?

Applegate: Loud. It's like one big rave but everybody's wearing suits.

Kamellya: Christina, did it keep you guessing?

Applegate: Stop asking questions about it! Just go see it! It's a good movie!

Leib: Christina says she has to go. Staring at the screen is making her dizzy!

TVGEN: Thanks for chatting with us tonight. Sorry we couldn't get to all of the stars. Our correspondents at the X-Files movie premiere had a wonderful time bringing you the sights and sounds of this event. We really appreciate the celebrities who were able to stop by and speak with us tonight.

Don't forget to check out the X-Files Webcast and the X-Files Briefing Room.

Good night and thanks for joining us!

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