ET visits the set of the X-Files on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA

The promo thing before the show began showed shots from the segment that I'll describe later, with this voiceover:

"Plus, The X-Files' eerie connection to Titanic. We're first on the set as the show moves to LA and David and Gillian board the Queen Mary of [for? hard to hear] romance."

[When they get to the segment, Bob Goen is in front of a still picture of DD, pre-haircut hair, black shirt with collar, grinning. I missed the very beginning of what he said.]

BG: ...asking that The X-Files relocate to Hollywood. Well, now they are here. And our Lisa Canning was on the set as the fists were flying in this ET first.

[Lots of quick cuts including a couple frames of DD and GA standing, someone throwing a punch, and a Nazi (presumably) forcing GA to kneel down next to DD.]

(Let me describe everybody first. GA is all dolled up in a red sleeveless dress with a V-neck, with her hair very '30s/'40s-looking - parted on the side, with curls and waves and I think a small barrette on one side. A necklace, also red, kind of in an upside down triangle shape of stones laid next to each other. Small, dangly silver star earrings. Red lipstick. DD is looking un-dressed up, with a beige (grey? light green?) t-shirt with a big sweat stain down the front, and black pants. His hair is definitely shorter than it was the last time we saw Mulder, but longer than it was the last time we saw David. :) He is a little disheveled; seems to fit that he is dreaming this and is in his sleeping clothes (if ONLY he could have gone to sleep in his underwear that night! DAMN IT! :P ).

The set has a parquet floor and looks like a ballroom. There is a huge balloon arch in the background, like the one Dave Letterman stole from TGI Friday's. :) There are many, many extras - soldiers, sailors, people in bow ties that look like waiters, general party-guest-looking people (women too). OK, back to the segment.)

[Shows Lisa Canning, standing on the set with a microphone. Policemen are running in the background. It looks like a scene of chaos.]

LC: We're on the set of The X-Files, where they've gone back in time to 1939. And, as you can see, Scully and Mulder have their hands full.

[ET legend comes up: LONG BEACH, CA ON LOCATION]

(Throughout most of the segment, there is an annoyingly huge "ET FIRST" logo that covers a fair amount of the screen. GA giggles into it a couple of times. )

CC (offscreen): Action.

[DD and GA are kneeling together on the floor, side by side. There is a crowd gathered around them, with Nazis pointing guns at them.]

(Most every shot of DD and GA, excluding the interview segments, is of them either kneeling or standing in the same position while filming the scene. So if I say "kneeling" or "standing" you'll know what I mean.)

[DD interview shot, sitting with Lisa Canning]

DD: I'm all bruised up as you can see.

[He lifts the sleeve of his t-shirt to show a bruise on his forearm. LC makes a sympathetic noise.]

DD: I've got bruises all over my knees because I *wasn't* wearing kneepads yesterday.

[He is holding the kneepads in his hands - they look kind of like diapers 8) ]

[GA interview shot, sitting in front of some kind of wrought-iron, uh, thing]

LC: You've got your kneepads on.

[GA laughs, looking down]

LC: Can we get a shot of the kneepad?

[Shot of GA's knee with the dress over it - she moves her hands over her knee, showing the shape of the kneepad under the dress. She has red fingernails and a silver bracelet on one wrist and a silver watch on the other. LC places her hand over GA's.]

[DD and GA standing, serious, with the Nazis all around]

Guy with German accent (offscreen): What is the man's name?

DD (quietly): John Brown...Ask me again and I'll knock you down.

[Wacky, B&W MTV-style shot of clapboard and GA]

LC (voiceover): In this time-traveling episode, Mulder boards a boat loaded with dozens of Nazis, and one dazzler who looks like Scully, but realy isn't.

[Many quick shots of DD serious, DD and GA kneeling, GA closeup, smiling and turning toward DD]

[GA interview again]

GA: I'm...Miss...Scully look-alike of 1939. (laughs a little)

[Closeup of DD smiling, pans to GA smiling, then becoming serious]

LC (voiceover): But the passion between these two becomes very real.

[DD interview]

LC: I understand there's a kiss in this episode.

DD: Yeah - oh yeah. A big one.

[GA on set somewhere, a hair person working on her curls. Kind of yelling to be heard over all the chaos]

GA: How would I describe that kiss? Um... (thinks about it) Wet?

DD (offscreen): Wasn't wet!

[DD interview]

DD: There's no tongue involved but it's...there's a lotta... (makes a funny face, flattening lips over teeth) There's a lotta somethin' there.

[DD and GA kneeling. GA sneezes, lowering her head into her hands (and the "ET FIRST" logo), then starts to giggle, keeping her head down]

DD: Allergies. Striking at the worst time.

[Extras chuckle; GA continues to giggle]

[Shot of GA smiling, pushing away a gun, panning to DD smiling, then laughing, shaking his head]

[During LC's next voiceover: a shot of the ship; a shot of two guys wackily dance-fighting, punching each other; then a shot of DD and GA standing, CC directing, DD and GA looking serious, DD holding his white kneepads. CC is wearing a white t-shirt and a black baseball cap.]

LC (voiceover): This is the show's first season in Los Angeles after five years in Vancouver. And they're floating right along using the legendary Queen Mary for these scenes.

[CC interview shot, standing up, set (including the balloon arch) in the background]

CC: Well, I'm from LA, actually I'm from near Long Beach, so for me it's like coming back home again.

[DD interview]

LC: What's it like being in LA?

DD: Oh, it's great.

LC: Are you happy? (smiling)

[Shot of DD grinning, turns to GA, camera pulls back to him and GA grinning at each other, DD still holding the kneepads - then back to interview]

DD: Yeah yeah, I' know, I'm a lot happier working here, living at home and working out of my makes a big difference. (smiling)

LC (voiceover): Especially since he's sharing his home with wife Tea Leoni.

[Shot of DD and TL at some event, outside...I'm not sure which one, but DD's wearing a black suit jacket, white shirt and silver tie, and TL has her brown bangs hairdo, a black dress and pearls.]

LC: Is she gonna do a guest ah...episode at all on the show, you think?

DD: (looks away, then back, smiling a little) Nah, I don't think so. (laughs a little)

LC: You don't wanna work side by side...?

DD: I don't think we can afford her. (smiling)

[DD and GA standing in the scene again, gun pointed at GA]

Guy with German accent (offscreen): You're lying.

GA (quietly): He's telling the truth.

Guy with German accent: Shut up.

[During voiceover: Shot of CC directing, waving his hands around, then of DD and GA laughing, then a big punching melee]

LC (voiceover): Truth is, these are happy days for everyone on board. The X-Files is nominated for 16 Emmys, including acting nods for David [shot of David, serious] and Gillian [shot of Gillian, serious].

[CC interview]

CC (smiling): We've always gone, and never gone up on stage, so hopefully this year the fourth time will be the charm.

[DD interview]

DD: As long as Dennis Franz is out there I'm just happy to be nominated (smiling), y'know cause he's gonna win every time. (laughs)

[End of segment. Back to Bob Goen at the desk.]

BG: Thanks Lisa, the sixth season of The X-Files premieres November 8th on Fox and then that episode that we saw on board the Queen Mary airs later in November.

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