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The Official Magazine: How is Season Seven progressing?

Spotnitz: If there’s anything I’ve learned, [it's that] I really don’t see what it’s like until the end. You look back and say, “That’s what this year was really [like].” It’s kind of hard when you’re in the midst of it.

X-Files Magazine: Will this be the final year for The X-Files?

Spotnitz: Nobody knows. It’s David’s last year in his contract. It’s Chris’ last year in his contract. I’m told Gillian has one more year, although she seems to be saying everywhere that I read about her that she does not want to come back after this year. I don’t know. The X-Files is owned by Twentieth Century Fox. They could do it without anyone if they so choose. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I keep doing my work this year as if it were the last year. If it’s not, then we’ll see. I don’t want to find out in March that this was the last year and we squandered all the opportunities that we should have taken advantage of. I’m just going to act like it’s the last year until I hear different.

X-Files Magazine: When can we expect the next mythology episodes? Will any familiar characters be making surprise returns?

Spotnitz: [There will be a] two parter in February. I think you’ll see a lot of familiar mythology characters but all the situations and events of the opening stories are behind us. It will be all new.

X-Files Magazine: Will David Duchovny and Chris Carter collaborate on any more episodes?

Spotnitz: David has another idea, so I expect there’ll be one more collaboration between them before the end of the season. I think he’s going to cowrite one with Chris and maybe direct one as well. When we did “The Unnatural,” we had to lose him for an episode as an actor, so I’d hate to do that again, especially if this turns out to be the last season. We are going to lose him for a few days when he promotes his movie [Return to Me], so there will be one more episode that will be Mulder-light this year.

X-Files Magazine: Speaking of movies, what about the next X-Files feature film?

Spotnitz: We just had a meeting yesterday about that. We’re thinking about it. It’s really just in very beginning conception. [If the show were to end this year] I think we would immediately start having serious discussions about when we would do the next movie.

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