Chris Carter Discusses A Third ‘X-Files’ Movie

This weekend, a special charity event was held in Beverly Hills featuring a Q&A with ‘X-Files’ stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. Most of the discussion involved the two reminiscing over their time on the show and waxing philosophical about their lives in the decade since. The two of them don’t have as strong a memory of the show as the fans in attendance (most of their discussion required some prompting of details from the crowd). The question of a third ‘X-Files’ film was raised at one point. As expected, Anderson and Duchovny didn’t really have any information themselves, except to say that they’d love to do another one. With that, the matter was closed.

Until series creator Chris Carter entered the room.

The discussion had moved on, but one fan brought up the notion of a third movie again for Carter, and the two hundred fans in attendance were surprised that he actually had something substantial to say about it. Now bear in mind that it was all still very vague, but the fact that there was more to be said than just an “I’d like to do that…maybe” got everybody very excited. Duchovny had to leave early, sadly, so he wasn’t there for this part of the discussion, but Anderson became visibly excited herself at the prospect. Carter’s message to the crowd was simply “Don’t give up.”

Here are some of the details that Carter did talk about: A script is nearly done, it will be about the bigger story of the series unlike the second movie, Scully’s child may make a return appearance, he is hoping for a late 2012 release to coincide with Mayan predictions (a pretty tall order at this point, in this writer’s opinion), and that it will be something of an uphill battle to convince the studio to back another ‘X-Files’ movie.

When Carter said that it would be hard to convince the executives at Fox to back another movie, Anderson turned to the crowd and asked “What can we do about this?” She then quickly but seriously said that fans should start online petitions to show Fox that ‘The X-Files’ still has a strong and loyal fan base. This tactic has worked with some franchises, but is not a guarantee by any means. Still, if there is a chance that something like simply showing the strength of the fan base would be enough to turn the tide, then it should be followed through.

While this fan was satisfied with the ending of the second movie, the idea that there is a third in the works that could continue and possibly wrap up the larger story has me very excited. Internet, you have your orders from Gillian Anderson herself! Get out there, start the petitions, and show Fox that you want another ‘X-Files’ movie!



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