Duchovny Says X-Files 2 Shoot Set

Moviehole reports that whilst talking to Australia's Empire magazine, David Duchovny confirmed that the second "X Files" movie looks set to shoot in December. "We're all happy to do it. Gillian and I. Chris Carter. So it's just a matter of getting everybody in the same spot. I think we'll shoot it next winter, in December" said the still hunky actor.

Duchovny confirmed the plan is to make the film a stand-alone supernatural thriller - "There's an idea in place. Chris won't show it to anybody. I think what's important in looking to do the show in a movie form is that it's accessible. The first one was conspiracy-orientated, alien-orientated, and I think that alienated some people. They were like, 'I don't know the show, I can't watch it.' I think if you go at it as a supernatural thriller, then it can stand alone, on it's own. Something like The Forgotten as very much like an X-File and you don't need to know anything before going in. Then I think it's more welcoming, so it's not only for the fans but for new people who might not know the show".

Things aren't moving so fast on his James Ellroy biopic, "My Dark Places" however - "I've been thinking about that for almost two and a half years now. I'm dying to play him but right now there's no start date. The script has always been great. It's just a matter of getting the right cast and director together".

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