David Duchovny goes full-hairy as Goat Man

David Duchovny - Goats #1

We really have never seen David Duchovny quite like this before. Yes, that's him in the glasses.

The hair, the beard -- it's just too fantastic.

Writer/director Christopher Neil presented his coming-of-age drama Goats at the Sundance Film Festival Tuesday night. The story focuses on Graham Phillips, who plays Zach Florrick on the CBS drama The Good Wife. He's the one riding on Duchovny's back in the picture.

But how can anyone forget the image of Duchovny with that insane beard and hair?

In the movie he is known primarily as "Goat Man" due to his complex relationship with the animals. But he has other hobbies -- like expertly growing marijuana, smoking it and talking about it.

He also serves as an unusual but wise father figure for Phillips' character.

A clean-cut Duchovny was on hand for the premiere and said the character Goat Man was actually a figure from Neil's life. The writer-director filled him in on the Goat Man world and even sent music to help him find the character.

Duchovny admitted the fantastic mane -- which is not his own -- certainly helped as well.

"Putting on that beard and hair, that made me feel like Goat Man," he said.



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