David Duchovny 'game for golf break'

David Duchovny is reportedly planning to take a year off work to play golf.

The actor has been starring in the TV show Californication since 2007, in which he portrays a troubled writer with a complicated love life. Although he enjoys making the programme, the star's love of golf has reportedly got him thinking that there might be more to life.

"David insists the current season of Californication will be his last. He's got a couple of movies in the works but once those are wrapped he wants to travel the world and play on some of the famous golf courses," an insider told National Enquirer.

"He's burned out from showbiz and needs a break. He's sick of working long hours and has decided to put his time and energy into perfecting his golf game."

David has been through emotional difficulties over the last few years, including his troubled relationship with his wife Téa Leoni with who he has two children. The pair split in 2008, shortly before he was treated in rehab for sex addiction. They reconciled, but eventually went their separate ways in 2011.

David is reportedly struggling with the end of the relationship and believes taking a break from his whirlwind life might help him get things back on track.

"David's having a really rough time getting over his divorce from Téa. He said he needs to spend time away from his family to clear his head," the source added.

"Golf helps centre him emotionally? David loves the game so much, he sometimes wishes he'd chosen a career in golf instead of acting."

FONTE: Belfast Telegraph (UK)


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