Gillian Anderson aims to be new Helen Mirren as new murder-solving sleuth in BBC2's The Fall

TV bosses expect it to cash in on the success of ITV’s Broadchurch which pulled nine million viewers in its final episode

Gillian Anderson says she can replace Helen Mirren as a new queen of the TV thriller in a BBC drama she thinks is the next Prime Suspect.

The X Files star, 44, is convinced her character Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson in The Fall will be on screen for years to come and could cash in on viewers love of murder series’ following the huge success of Broadchurch.

The final of Broadchurch drew over nine million viewers on ITV and many of them will enjoy watching Stella track down a serial killer next month on BBC2.

Speaking about the tense new drama, Gillian said: “I have always been a fan of Prime Suspect and have read other attempts at recreating that in a way and always found them lacking.

“There was something about The Fall that felt it had the depth and the complexity and yet simplicity of that series.

“I really liked her and initially I said yes having read the first three and I love how she develops and how you don’t get to know who she is and what makes her tick and yet you want to learn and you don’t feel like it is held back, It is not an attempt to be mysterious.”

Gillian said she will “definitely” be up for more series of The Fall and a second series is already in development with the writers.

Her character Stella is ballsy and gives out her hotel room number to a police officer she fancies in the opening episode set in Belfast. Gillian is also shown in a swimsuit as she does lengths every day to help solve murders.

Bosses hope the drama will be sold around the world making millions of pounds.

Speaking at a screening of the first episode, Gillian also revealed she is “a hermit” these days and goes out a lot less whilst living in London and away working.

She said: “I am a bit of a hermit anyway and I become even more of a hermit when I am working. Even if I have a few days off I generally stay in my hotel room. I don’t know if that is necessarily keeping in character it is just keeping my mind on it and working on it.”

Helen Mirren played DCI Jane Tennison from 1991-1996 and 2003-2006 and won many awards for her role as a crime solver, with audiences of over nine million.

A TV source said: “With the success of Broadchurch this is the perfect time to launch a new series based around solving murders. Gillian wants it to be a long term role and DS Stella Gibson has bags of potential.”

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