Hero Complex Film Festival: ‘X-Files’ reopens for anniversary salute

With “The X-Files,” Chris Carter created the template for the modern science-fiction series and influenced the direction of serialized storytelling on television, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll commemorate the 20th anniversary of the show with a special closing-night screening at the fourth annual Hero Complex Film Festival.

What’s more — you get to tell us which three episodes of the landmark series that detailed the exploits of intrepid agents Mulder and Scully that we’ll screen at the event.

The Hero Complex Film Festival will take place May 10-12 at the Chinese 6 Theatres in Hollywood, and the event will culminate with an evening tribute to “The X-Files.” Starting today, you can vote for three of 11 hand-picked episodes from the annals of “The X-Files” that we’ll show on the big screen.

Your choices range from quirky stand-alone stories to tales from the complex mythology. And naturally, “Home,” perhaps the most terrifying and infamous episode in the history of the series, is on the list.

Other episodes up for consideration include “Pilot,” “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose,” “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space,” “Small Potatoes,” “Leonard Betts,” “The Post-Modern Prometheus,” “Beyond the Sea,” “Bad Blood,” “Humbug” and “Triangle.”

Cast your vote for your three favorite episodes at herocomplexfilmfest.com.

Also, there just might be a very special guest on hand to discuss the series as well, but look for details about that with the official lineup announcement and ticket on-sale information — coming very soon.

FONTE: Los Angeles Times (USA)


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