CONFIRMED: X-Files 20th Anniversary Panel at SDCC [UPDATE 3 - Duchovny, Anderson IN]

[UPDATE 3] We’ve reached out to TV Guide Magazine’s L.A. Bureau Chief Michael Schneider, and moderator of the X-Files 20th Anniversary Reunion Panel, who has confirmed that David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will both be at the panel. Line up now, folks.

[UPDATE 2] The Official Gillian Anderson website released a news statement confirming that Gillian Anderson will be at the TV Guide Magazine Celebrates The X-Files 20th Anniversary panel, as well as a panel for an X-Files comic book.

[UPDATE] We now have confirmation that the TV Guide panels are definitely happening! Thanks to @DarkStitch on Twitter, we have a copy of the ad. In addition to what we earlier reported, the TV Guides Fan Favorites panel will also include Giancarlo Esposito (Revolution, Breaking Bad), Danai Gurira (The Walking Dead), Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf), and Joseph Morgan (The Originals).

The X-Files panel description also has David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s names bolded – though we’re not sure if that means they’ll be in attendance on Thursday or not.

[ORIGINAL POST] The SDCC crowd has been prey to several fake reports this year, so we’re definitely treading lightly with this information until we get official confirmation. That’s why we’re only reporting on this and not announcing it as confirmed until we’ve got hard evidence or hear back from TV Guide.

Late last night one of our readers, @metsskinsdawgs, notified us via Twitter the most recent issue of TV Guide Magazine lists its panels for this year’s Comic-Con: TV Guide Magazine Celebrates The X-Files 20th Anniversary and TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites.

For The X-Files 20th Anniversary Panel, panel guests listed are Chris Charter, Vince Gilligan and “other writers and producers”, per the tweet. Our reader states “nothing about actors”, meaning Duchovny and Anderson are not listed among the panel guests; however we do know Anderson will be signing at the Lightspeed Fine Art booth this year, so it’s entirely possible that she’ll make an appearance. The panel is on Thursday, no details on time or room.

The annual TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorites panel is slated to return on Friday with Candice Accola (The Vampire Diaries), Kristin Bauer (True Blood), Katie Cassidy (Arrow), Henry Ian Cusick (Lost), Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck, Dexter), and “2 others”, per the tweet. The Fan Favorites panel is on Friday, again with no details on time or room.

We don’t want to speculate without confirmation of these two panels, but looking at the latter it does seem reasonable to assume True Blood will have a panel this year, with Bauer already being in San Diego. No surprise, but it’s something that’s not yet been announced.

As the new issue is only available to subscribers and won’t be available digitally or on newsstands until next week, we’ve contacted TV Guide for confirmation. So when “the truth is out there”, we’ll let you know.

Eric Goldman from IGN stated on a recent SDConCast an X-Files reunion would rival last year’s Firefly panel. Now it appears it may indeed come true for attendees this year. Excited? Let us know in the comments.

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