Live Coverage: 'The X-Files' 20th anniversary at Comic-Con - live blog

There aren't many shows that have had as much of an impact as The X Files, so the anticipation for this 20th anniversary celebration at Comic-Con is super high!

Mulder and Scully themselves - okay, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson - will be joined by creator Chris Carter and a bunch of the show's writers (including Breaking Bad boss Vince Gilligan and Homeland's Howard Gordon) to reminisce about their time on the revolutionary series! Join us as we get all nostalgic from 3.30pm PT / 8.30pm ET / 11.30pm BST for our live blog of proceedings...

16:32 But that's that for the panel - let's hope it's not another 20 years before we get more X-Files, eh?

16:31 As people shout out numbers, David jokes: "This is how we're going to get the movie made." "It's our Kickstarter," Gillian adds. She also vows to write something special on it.

16:31 There's a stand-up figurine of Mulder and Scully on the stage. Gillian is now selling it to the highest bidder for charity!

16:30 So. The future. When will we see X-Files 3 and will it be about the alien conspiracy? Chris says just being here and seeing all these fans has given him some motivation. But nothing official, I'm afraid!

16:29 Will David and Gillian ever work together but not as Mulder and Scully. "Apparently not," Gillian deadpans. David says he's always felt there's something "special" about Mulder and Scully - he loves Gillian, but it would have to be something he "can't think of" to cross that line.

16:28 The next fan wants to know whether Gillian loves detectives, since she's come back to television now. Gillian explains she wasn't sure about the time commitment after The X-Files because of "exhaustion". But she says it was about timing - when British series The Fall came along, it was the type of material she responds to and would want to watch. As for Hannibal, she said from the beginning she wasn't likely to do more than three episodes but the character "grew" on her and she had a lot of fun.

16:26 The next question is about 'Jose Chung's From Outer Space'. Gillian says she had fun starring with Charles Nelson Reilly, who was "camp" and "irreverent".

16:23 The next question is from a fan who wants to know about how the current political situation would have changed The X-Files. "The suspicions and the conspiracy theories are so much more... they're rampant today," Chris says. "If The X-Files were to come back now... You could do the show now." He suggests it wouldn't have worked in 2002 because everyone wanted to trust the government. "We went through a period where it wasn't relevant."

16:22 David jokes that men often come up to him and say they got into Scully because of Mulder! Cheeky.

16:22 The next fan got a PhD in Physics after being inspired by Scully! Gillian says a "lot of women" have told her they've gone into physics because of Scully. "I think there was something written in a science textbook - something called 'the Scully effect' - which was just a huge amount more women who were getting into the sciences when The X-Files was on."

16:21 Gillian agrees - "In both places, we created families... Both of them were equally strong and very, very different." Gillian says the two cities were very different experiences. "Things changed in terms of the amount of time David and I were on the show... We ended up having more time off [in Los Angeles]," she says. "But I think Vancouver probably, nostalgically."

16:20 Did David and Gillian prefer shooting in Vancouver or Los Angeles? "We kind of grew up as a group, as a show, as performers, Gillian and I in Vancouver," David says. "So I think nostalgically for me that will be the X-Files home." He says it's about the "energy of beginnings" and getting to know everyone.

16:18 What do the panellists think it was about The X-Files that spoke to an audience? Chris says people had done open-ended series before successfully, but The X-Files showed you could have a "spine" - an ongoing storyline - that people would return to every week. He adds that they figured out the mythology vs monster of the week "on the fly".

16:17 Gillian's asked about filming The House of Mirth - and she admits it was "complicated". "Terence Davies is a complicated man in a wonderful way - he has a touch of genius about him," she says. She adds that it was a challenge to manifest his ideas - but she's worked on much harder things!

16:16 Why was there a religious aspect to Scully's character? Chris suggests it would have been slightly "one-dimensional" for Scully to be just a scientist - it was important for her to believe in something else as well. "She had two warring sides to her character," he explains.

16:15 Chris says Scully was his "fantasy woman" - opinionated, resourceful, tough. "It was kind of a fantasy relationship as well," he says. "It was intellectual as much as it was anything else."

16:14 Gillian's asked about Scully's impact on the genre. "Just in terms of the feedback that I've gotten from young girls, young women throughout the last couple of decades, Scully had quite a huge impact on people from just aspects of her personality and her personal strength and things that she stood up for," Gillian says. "She was also a decent human being. People listened to her - she got to boss people around!"

16:13 Gillian reveals that Tom Waits told her he wanted to be on the show. "That was a great moment in my life," she admits.

16:13 When did Mulder and Scully realise they were in love? Chris suggests when Scully first walked in to Mulder's office! There are lots of awws.

16:12 Vince says he wanted to do an episode with Drew Barrymore - who was in his movie Home Fries - who would have a godlike power over people. "Her agent called up and said, 'Stop bothering my client'," he jokes.

16:11 Was there ever a scene that David and Gillian wanted to shoot but couldn't? Gillian asks if there are kids in the audience - oo-er! "You're going to get that sex scene one way or another," Chris grins. But the duo can't think of an answer to the question.

16:09 Fan questions now - what would Mulder and Scully do on a real date? "Have sex," Gillian says, with no hesitation. "Then maybe dinner," David adds tentatively.

16:09 Chris chooses this moment to pay tribute to John Neville - the Well-Manicured Man - who passed away 2011. He was a "great asset" to the show.

16:08 David doesn't want to give a serious answer, but he says sometimes you had to react to the bad guy when they weren't there (if it was CGI, for example). "I was told that this was a hideous, terrible monster and I was going to be terrified of it," he says. "So I did my reaction and I was terrified, doing the best I could, and then the guy came out in a suit and I'll never forget, the director said, 'He looks like the guy who f**ked Mrs Butterworth'."

16:06 John says he was taught to always question yourself and see if you could make things scarier on the show.

16:05 Darin jokes that he was going to say the Fluke Man - "Just because I'm being honest!" he quips.

16:04 Howard starts speaking about Krycek - he started as a "stop gap" but grew into a "wonderful character".

16:03 Vince is talking about Bryan Cranston guesting on an episode of The X-Files. "That was fruitful for me personally, meeting Bryan Cranston through The X-Files," he says.

16:02 What about their favourite baddies? David Amann picks out John Lee Roche - he loved the show for its "rich character work". Vince says he was struck by Clyde Bruckman.

16:00 The panel is asked about their favourite moments - David loved a bit in 'The Post-Modern Prometheus' in which he and Gillian got up to dance.

15:59 Glen is speaking about the influences for the episode 'Home', including a documentary, a Charlie Chaplin film and a book called Dark Nature which is about whether or not nature is moral. "I hope we're not all the sick creeps you think," he says. "It wasn't just a sick thing to get kicked off TV - there was a point to it."

15:52 Will we ever see Doggett and Reyes on the big screen? The panel refuse to answer because it's a trick question!

15:52 Chris says the X-Files comic book series will be "true to the characters". "I think they're going to be terrific on their own," he says. "They're called season ten but they're kind of their own mythology."

15:51 Darin says it was a "dream" to work with David and Gillian, while John's talking about how his son played Scully's baby. "He's here actually - give him a shout out!" "He looks like me," Gillian says! John's son comes out on stage and is disconcertingly old - but very cute. "There's our son!" Gillian quips.

15:49 The panel is talking about how times have changed - they used to have bricks for cellphones and look things up in books (imagine!). "We started this show before the internet really, so it was old school," Chris says. Can you believe it's the 20th anniversary?

15:48 Chris says The X-Files wouldn't look much different in 2013: "The show is very dark by design... The technology has changed, that would affect some things, but I think what we did is really what we would do now."

15:48 Gillian suggests she wouldn't be interested in another season, but "a film would be great".

15:47 So let's get to it - a third X-Files movie? "We can get into it later," Chris says. What a tease!

15:47 There are squeals when Michael mentions that David and Gillian have said they'd be interested in doing another movie. David says the show always had "any possibility" because it's "so flexible". "We could do it forever," he says. "I always thought whenever we can come back together we would, so we will, as much as we can."

15:46 Howard says he also learnt a lot from the show - and all the writers taught each other and "figured it out on the fly". "I've carried a lot with me and think about it still," he adds.

15:45 How does The X -iles influence Vince and Howard in their new shows? Vince says by the end of the first commercial break he was hooked on the show - so he feels "very lucky". "It was like going to film school except I got paid to attend," he says, saying he learned everything from his job there.

15:44 Are we ever going to get the Mulder-Scully sex scene? "We shot it, it's somewhere," Gillian says. Oh dear, she's very embarrassed.

15:43 Do Gillian and David have a different perspective on the show or their characters now? Gillian says she didn't realise Mulder was so cool until a few years later! "Then I thought, 'Damn, shoulda got there sooner'," she jokes. "Am I supposed to behave myself?"

15:43 So how hard was it to get The X-Files on the air? Chris says he pitched the show to Fox once - and when he pitched it a second time, they said yes, but he doesn't think they knew what they had until it aired.

15:42 December 22, 2012: are we under alien control now? "They're delaying their entrance," Chris jokes.

15:40 God, doesn't the theme tune for The X-Files still give you chills? The room is in darkness as Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny arrive on stage with torches. What a wonderful entrance.

15:39 But enough of all that - it's time for some panellists! David Amann is first, followed by freshly-Emmy-nominated Vince Gilligan, freshly-Emmy-nominated Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, John Shiban, Glen Morgan, and Jim Wong. Now here comes creator Chris Carter - who's welcomed with huge cheers and takes a picture of the crowd, how sweet!

15:37 The first mention of creator Chris Carter from the moderator Michael Schneider gets a scream from the crowd. He's speaking about how groundbreaking the show was - and how it made genre "safe" for primetime.

15:33 This panel is being hosted by TV Guide, so we're getting to see some of their past X-Files covers on the big screen. Huge screams from the crowd!

15:32 Waaah, the panel is about to start! The queue for Ballroom 20 has been huge today, and a large part of that is down to this X-Files panel. The atmosphere is electric.

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