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After two days on set of The X-Files reboot, David Duchovny chats to SFX to preview the series revival…

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What’s it like to work with Gillian Anderson again on The X-Files reboot?
It feels very familiar. We worked together for so long, but that was a long time ago. Then we worked together again about seven or eight years ago, but I just feel like there’s a connection between us now. The fact that we did the show at that time in our lives for so long means that we are always going to have an acting connection to fall back on.

How would you describe your first day on set?
Again, it felt very familiar. I thought, “Let’s do it; let’s do these characters.” Unfortunately, I had about five pages of expositional dialogue and that was interesting because I hadn’t been asked to say that kind of crap in a long time. There were things like“electrogravitic propulsion”. you say that!

So you’re finding the scripts tougher this time around?
That’s just a tidbit, but there were five pages of it. It was great that that was the first day because it was like,“Okay, this is how the guy speaks. This is the world we are in. Let’s get in shape for it.”

What’s different about the rebooted show?
I think what’s happened is that Gillian and I have changed. I am a better actor and Gillian is a better actor, and we get to bring those changes and abilities to the roles as they are
written and as they were established. That’s interesting to me. The X-Files is not going to be the same. It can’t be the same and we are not the same. We are not the same performers.

What are the biggest differences between the old show and the new show?
I don’t know. I have only worked two days.

But you’ve read the scripts…
I have read two scripts out of six. It’s an instinctual feeling that I have that the process is now different. Just in the two days that we worked, I feel like the process feels more creative this time.

How long is the shoot?
It’s six episodes and each takes eight days, so we are going to wrap around 20 August.

How is Chris Carter?
He’s good.

Did he write all six episodes?
No, he didn’t write them all. Glen Morgan wrote the second one, Darin Morgan wrote one and Vince [Gilligan] is busy. He’s probably too expensive!



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