Gillian Anderson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

JK: Our first guest tonight is a Golden Globe, Screen Actor's Guild, and Emmy award winning actor for her as FBI Special Agent Dana Scully, and is the world record holder for most restraining orders held against obsessed sci-fi fans than any person i history. You can see her now in the new movie The X-Files: I Want to Believe, please say hello to Gillian Anderson!

*audience cheers wildly*

GA: *pointing to Uncle Frank* I love your uncle!

JK: Normally you only get that kind enthusiasm when an Iglesias shows up. So, congratulations, great to have you here.

GA: Thank you very much.

JK: Did my uncle bother you before the show?

GA: No, no, he didn't at all, I wish he would have. *JK laughs* I love you!

JK: Don't encourage him. He's going to have to go shower again now. *everyone laughs*

GA: He looks very clean.

JK: Well, he is clean. I insist upon it when it comes to my relatives. Very excited to have you.

GA: Thank you.

JK: I'm one of the people against whom you had to file a restraining order.

GA: Oh really?

JK: Yes, and you are either pregnant or carrying an alien life form of some sort?

GA: Both actually. Yes I am. I feel very pregnant right now.

JK: Me too.

GA: I think since I landed in LA a few days ago, I've actually gotten more pregnant.

JK: It happens, it keeps growing.

GA: Not to say I've had sex with more men. I've definitely a lot more pregnant, there's only one child in there.

JK: That would be bad.

GA: That would be bad.

JK: How many months along are you?

GA: I'm about 6, if I can remember correctly.

JK: And how long are they usually in there? 9 right?

GA: *laughs* That's generally correct.

JK: How many kids do you have.

GA: Two. Just two, I had to count for a second.

JK: Yeah.

GA: I have two. I have a 20-month-old, going on 20-month. I have a 13-year-old.

JK: A 13-year-old, that's a big gap in between kids there.

GA: Yes that is.

JK: Is that a good thing? Does he help with the...

GA: The older one is a she, she's a girl. And she does. She's actually great. She's umm... He adores her. He follows her around in the house, and it's really sweet.

Audience: Awwww..

JK: And your little boy is named Oscar.

GA: That's correct.

JK: Did you worry about that as an actor it may seem presumptuous to name your child after the most coveted award?

GA: No, but those very, very clever journalists have already pointed out many times that I've already gotten my Oscar.

JK: Oh man, that would've named... I would've gone with Soul Train Award Anderson, and... But that's just me, that's just the sort of...

GA: Is that what you would honor, a Soul Train Award?

JK: Well I'm thinking...

GA: On the top of your list?

JK: If I ever have another kid, yes Soul Train is definitely on top.

GA: Do you have kids?

JK: I do, I have two kids.

GA: I didn't know that!

JK: Yeah.

GA: Wow.

JK: You probably don't know anything about me. I have a 16-year-old daughter and a 14-year-old son.

GA: Do you?!

JK: Yeah.

GA: Wow, I'm impressed.

JK: I have a giant son, he's like 6'4. He's enormous.

GA: How tall's your wife?

JK: Oh I'm not married.

*everyone laughs*

JK: This is Hollywood, c'mon now.

GA: *referring to putting her glass of water on the table* Can I put this here?

JK: Put it wherever you want, you can spill it all over me if you want to.

GA: Okay, I will probably by the end of today.

JK: I heard that it's been so long since you played Scully, you've forgotten key plot points from the series.

GA: No no no, I didn't know key plot points when we were doing the series.

JK: You don't ever know them, you can't forget them?

GA: I don't, no no no, I don't know them at all.

JK: I have a little quiz for you...

GA: Lovely.

JK: and these are... You should be able to answer most of these. How many brothers did Dana Scully have?

Audience: 2!

GA: C'mon! Let me do it!

JK: If this were Jeopardy you'd all be arrested right now.

GA: 2!

JK: Yes 2 is correct.

GA: I'm not so bad.

JK: When is Scully's birthday?

GA: Oh you are kidding me. There's no way that...

JK: Let's go to the audience?

Audience: *multiple screams* February 23!

JK: It's the sound of screaming, February 23.

GA: Is that right.

Audience: 1964!

JK: Now it's where we get the police involved. What brand of cigarette did the cigarette-smoking man smoke?

GA: No I know this. Hang on.. Morley!

JK: Morley is right.

GA: Yes! *audience cheers*

JK: What airline was Jack, Kate, and Hurley flying when the plane crashed. *GA looks puzzled at the audience* Oh wait that's a different show actually. That's the show i'm currently obsessed with.

GA: What's that? What’s that?

JK: It's from Lost, you don't watch Lost at all?

GA: I don't watch anything.

JK: Well you don't even watch X-Files.

GA: I know. Yeah.

JK: You were pregnant when you filmed the...

GA: I've always been pregnant. I'm pregnant all the time.

JK: You are very fertile. You are always pregnant.

GA: I am woo! I was actually. I was going to say fertile during the series, but... You know what I learned the other day which I had completely forgot is they impregnated Scully with a whole bunch of... *looking at the audience* Is that right? That she was...

Audience: No.

GA: Tell me what happened? *everyone laughs* No I read it in an article so it must be true right? She was... they... She was impregnated with what?

JK: The devil's baby.

GA: With alien thing... yeah those things.

JK: Yeah. You didn't remember that?

GA: No!

JK: I know that! You should know if you've been impregnated by an alien baby!

GA: I know. One would think.

JK: Yeah. I think.

GA: One would think that would be memorable. I was taken away for a little while and pumped up with... *pause* air? I don't know what... Pumped up with something. I was pregnant...

JK: With helium, you were floated…

GA: with my daughter Piper who's back stage.

JK: in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. You know..

GA: You know who Simon Pegg is?

JK: Yeah sure.

GA: Yeah right. So he's always been a really big X-Files fan, and when he met my daughter for the very first time, he said, "is she, was she the one in.." You know he actually... That's not very interesting but yes.

JK: He has a difficult time too, but you know, you know about your real children right? You haven't forgotten them?

GA: Yes I do.

JK: Because that's more important.

GA: Yeah it is.

JK: Umm you started... How old were you when you started on The X-Files?

GA: 24.

JK: You were just a kid then.

GA: yeah I was.

JK: and how did that happen? What's the story of how you got that part?

GA: Oh my gosh. Well I was living in Los Angeles, and I'd never... I didn't even know what Network is. When you are an actor in Los Angeles, going to Network means you go and audition in a room about the size of this table, in front of all the studio executives that are responsible for making the decision for the rest of your life. And, so you go in, you stand there, and do scenes over and over and over again. And then they decided whether they are gonna to call you back or not. And, so I went, I did scenes with David, and other actors who were up for it. And there were other girls who were up for the role of Scully in the hallway, and you have to sit with each other out in the hallway. For the whole experience, you get to go out, and you know, see people smiling as they come out of the room and you think, "oh man I didn't get it." Or you’re smiling when you come out even though you might have sucked because you want them to think you got it. You know that kind stuff.

JK: Right.

GA: So then, so I actually got invited back again, I got invited back, but they were so, the network was so unconvinced that I was the right one they flew in 3 more actresses from New York, "real actresses", to audition kind against me.

JK: Wow.

GA: And apparently, as per the Times today, Pamela Anderson was out there in the hallway as well, I just read that today, that Pamela Anderson was also up for Scully.

JK: Now is that true?

GA: Did you read that as well?

JK: I saw that and I just thought it was a joke, maybe it's just because you guys have the same last name...

GA: It is a joke! i don't know where they are coming in with this stuff from.

JK: Somebody came up with that?

GA: I don't know.

JK: Is it possible they were thinking of Pamela Anderson for that role?

GA: No, it's not. It's just nonsense, whatever the British press can pull out of their wherever.

JK: And she would've cheated us out of four great seasons of VIP, if that had happened... I wonder if Pamela Anderson has anything...

GA: She wore a bathing suit, similar in color to my dress today, she used to wear that...

JK: That would've been quite a difference in that casting department yeah, because..

GA: I think one of her breast is about the size of my...*smoothing over her belly*

*everyone laughs*

GA: No, she's... I actually have a lot respect for her because she does a lot of work for PETA.

JK: Yeah she does.

GA: And in Borat, she let him chase her around, you gotta have balls to let...

JK: But she was never a candidate for Scully, there's no chance of that being the case.

GA: No.

JK: We'll take a quick break if you don't mind. We'll come back and talk more. Gillian Anderson is here. The X-Files...*gets drowned out by the audience*

*back from break*

JK: Gillian Anderson is here! Gillian, did Dave Duchovny ever hit on you when you were doing the show? At any point?

GA: Why did you ask that?

JK: I don't know. Because if I was him, I would have, you know.

GA: You know it's funny you say that because when we, when we.... When I was going through that audition process, doing it with David and stuff, and it was definitely... *audience laughs*

JK: This is quite a revelation here.

GA: Let me back up. When I was auditioning at Network, and David was the chosen one and I got invited back...

JK: Right.

GA: This is like we’ve come back to the second part of the story. When I got invited back again, he was the one that was going to read with all the girls shipped in including Pamela Anderson, and he would actually come and offer to run lines.

JK: Oh, that's nice.

GA: With all of us.

JK: That's really sweet of him.

GA: He actually remembered it the other day. He said, "Didn't we sit together on a stairwell running lines?" Then I said, "yes we did, and honestly I think you were trying to pick me up." Then he said, "Was I?" And I think he might have been auditioning the girls himself.

JK: Well, apparently he picked you even though you did not submit to his charms.

GA: What are you talking about. *audience cheers*

JK: Well...

GA: No no no, I meant auditioning for the bedcovers...

JK: I got you, I got you.

GA: That's one way to put it, the bedcovers, what am I granny(I think)? Under the bedcovers…

JK: The thing with this movie, even though it's out, lots of secrecy here, in fact, I hear they are not even letting people into the theatres to see it just because...

GA: *laughs* I think you might be right.

JK: But which makes it very difficult for us to find a clip of substance because they don't want to give anything away.

GA: Yeah, do you have a clip?

JK: I do have a clip.

GA: Is it better than the one they gave to Leno?

JK: It's probably the same one. It's probably the same one. They didn't give us a lot of choices.

GA: *slams the sofa* Oh my goodness!

JK: They gave us this, and the credits rolling or something.

GA: If it's the same one, it's literally us walking in the snow. It's like, there's nothing! There's even bits in the middle of the clip that are taken out. It's like…there's no point of even showing it.

JK: Here you go. We...

GA: Just go see the movie. *Audience cheers* In fact if I saw this clip, I would decidedly not to go see the film.

JK: Well lots of people who watch this show are fans of nothing, so...

GA: Awwww.

JK: It's true, so let's let them decide for themselves. Here's a clip, X-Files: I Want to Believe, in theatres now.

*clip from movie*

JK: There is a little something.

GA: How many of you guys saw the movie?

*Audience cheers loudly*

JK: Wow this is... We'll have to helicopter you out of here.

GA: I know. There is actually something that is missed in the film, 'cause the laughter... There's actually a line that's really funny. We are in bed together. *audience cheers* Did you guys get that? We are in bed, and he says, "I got a.....*mumbles on purpose*".

JK: You can't say, they'll sue you.

GA: And I say, *mumbles*. Did you hear that? *Audience cheers some more*

JK: Well if you want to see it, it's all there in the movie.

GA: It is, it's all in the movie.

JK: Gillian Anderson, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, in theatres now.


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