Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on Richard and Judy

Richard: Good timing, because she’s starting on the day that after years and years and years of us trying, we have finally get David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson live on the show. They are sitting over there. Those two have dropped in on their way to the premiere of the new X-Files movie. Now I saw it this morning, I’m telling you, it’s really, really good. You need strong nerves and even stronger stomach. David and Gillian are here now. This whole concept is very X-Files, we’ll come to that. But it is a coincidence that we have Agents Mulder and Scully here, the actors, amazing isn’t it. The actors made it as a globally recognized brand. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. TV series may be history, but the film franchise continues to flourish. I was at the Sunrise this morning to catch a super-early preview of the new one, The X-Files: I Want to believe. It’s good guys, it’s really good. Billy Connolly plays paedephile priest with the gift of second sight, and only he and Mulder and Scully can solve the riddle of women in West Virginia who keep on disappearing and reappearing in bits.

*clip from the movie*

Richard: And Gillian and David are here now. We are obviously trying to keep this professional guys.

GA: As supposed to?

DD: Why? Why?

Richard: Well because it’s really weird seeing you two sitting together on the sofa. I mean do you have that effects on people when you are doing PR things and publicity.

DD: Well we rarely sit on the same sofa, so we do have, have that effect.

GA: Yeah, we do, yeah it’s quite rare.

DD: We don’t do a lot together, a lot of these stuff together, so… I don’t know

GA: I don’t know, we did it for a couple of days…

Richard: It’s like an iconic thing to see you together, in the flesh. It’s weird.

GA: Yeah.

DD: We feel iconic. *GA laughs*

Richard: Really pleased.

Myleene: Tell me it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen you on screen together, going to the big screen, why do you think people are still so obsessed with the sci-fi and all the aliens out there, what is it that works for them for you?

DD: You go ahead.

GA: Thank you very much.

Richard: C’mon Gillian.

GA: You know what I don’t have any idea, because it’s not my…It depends on what week it is and who’s asking what. I don’t know, I really don’t understand what it is about it that attracts people and en masses as they have been attracted to…

DD: I think you are selling it too hard.

GA: Am I? *laugh, Richard cackles*

DD: Just back off a little bit.

GA: But he’s got very strong opinion about it so he’s going to say something about it.

DD: No, I’ve got nothing. I’ve got nothing. I’m just thankful.

Richard: …such strong opinion about it. Just step back, that whole X-Files…

DD: Well you know at this point we are just overjoyed there seems to be a loyal core audience that still wants to see it. I don’t know why either, just I think when the show started it kinda filled the vacuum for scary shows, and people got into it and they …

Myleene: But it kind fit into the society (?) as well because when the show first started I was in college studying Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and that’s when Dolly the sheep and cloning came up, it was sort the same…

GA: Did you say Johnny the sheep?

Myleene: I said Dolly the sheep.

GA: Ohh Dolly the sheep.

Myleene: Maybe you had Johnny the sheep, we had Dolly. *GA laughs*

DD: Well Dolly had Johnny, that’s what happened.

Myleene: Johnny, Dolly, they cloned the sheep.

Richard: When Dolly met Johnny. it was a very good sheep movie in the end. *Myleene laughs* Listen, you mentioned Frankenstein there, I’m not going to give too much away…

DD: yeah right.

Richard: I won’t give too much away, but there is a Frankenstein element, to put it mildly to this film.

DD: Yeah.

Richard: I’ve actually, when I watched it on film today, what I really liked about it was, it appears to be, for most of the time, a classic serial mystery. That’s what it appeared to be, but it isn’t quite like that. It appears to be that, but there’s a Frankenstein element. And the supernatural aspect of it is really confined to Billy Connolly isn’t it? I mean that’s really where the “X”, the X-Files element is contained, within him.

GA: Yeah.

Richard: Just tell us his character, and how he plays.

GA: Ummm..

DD: Well you said he was a paedephile priest..

GA: Yeah so that kinda sums it up.

DD: But we like to say it’s not as funny as it sounds. *everyone laughs*

Richard: Okay. Well, you can joke about it, because I can’t. She can, so we have to let that joke run there. Well we’ve got a clip of him.

DD: Well Billy is actually great in the movie, and he’s very deep, very deep person and actor.

Myleene: Tell me, ‘cause obviously since the TV show you went your separate ways, was it hard coming back from revisiting this character? For example, was it hard to find your voice again?

GA: It was a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be. Umm I was a bit complacent about it at the beginning, and I didn’t… The first couple of days I had a really hard time. I wasn’t…

Richard: You mean talking like Scully?

GA: It was so much talking like her as…You know it had been, it had been six years, and the first time that I was on set doing her again, David wasn’t in the scenes with me, I was working with Billy on the first day, it was a very difficult scene that we were doing together.

Richard: Which one was it?

GA: It was when I , about ¾ the way through when I go and confront him…

Richard: Oh yeah, you asked him what he meant…

GA: In his apartment, and I go through a range of emotions, and that was my first day, and I was just… Had a couple of very long international flights, and I… I was so discombobulated, I honestly questioned whether I could do it again.

Richard: You couldn’t tell.

GA: And I…But you know, it turned out okay in the end. But it was much more challenging than I thought it was going to be, and it wasn’t until maybe day 3 when David and I got to work together for the first…

Richard: And that helped you…

DD: Oh yeah.

GA: Hugely turned around, yeah.

Richard: Very quickly, before we go to a break because we want to talk about a lot of things afterwards, let’s see a clip from the home. This is a treat, this is you and Billy Connolly out in the snow field, and he’s getting on one of his psychic, his psychic experiences, and he helps you the police, the FBI, to find these people.

DD: We think. We think.

Richard: Here it is.

*clip from movie*

Richard: It’s a treat actually for fans of the series and of the previous one, because there’s a lot of look-backs, a lot of references, to previous plotlines.

DD: Right.

Richard: Because obviously initially your character thought his sister had been abducted by aliens.

DD: Yes, yes.

Richard: As far as I remember, when did it start?

DD: The show?

Richard: Yeah, The X-Files.

DD: 1993.

Richard: ’93? ’94? ’93.

DD: Yeah.

Richard: Initially you character thought his sister had been abducted by aliens, hence his interest in the whole area.

DD: I think he still thinks that.

Richard: Do you think he still thinks that? Do you?

DD: I haven’t checked in with him…

Myleene: Don’t blow it! Spoiler, spoiler!

Richard: Alright, listen, thanks for now, we are gonna come back in a minute.

*back from break*

Myleene: Welcome back, now we are here with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. It is really great to see you guys on the sofa together before you jet off to your premiere, pretty exciting for you to get back together. How did you feel re-taken those steps was like?

DD: It felt iconic. *everyone laughs*

Myleene: There’s a huge following, do you think there’s sorta nostalgic sort of avenue.

DD: Maybe a little bit, but we had a job to do so we were concentrating on the work we had to do and it was I don’t know about for Gillian, but honestly even though six years, or seven years had passed since we worked together it really didn’t feel that way once you started to work together.

Richard: It’s that long?

DD: Well I left the show a year early, so it’s really been… Well then I came back so six years, let’s say six years.

Richard: Yeah, yeah. You said the TV series started in ’93, and actually we’ve gone quickly to the archive, and we managed to dig out the Pilot episode.

DD: Oh no.

Richard: This is the very first scene you ever shot together.

DD: Oh!

Richard: *to GA* I have to say you look more beautiful now then you did then.

GA: *laughs* Oh thank god!

Richard: No seriously and we look…

GA: Well what are you going to say, “I thought you looked more beautiful then than you do now?” *laughs*

Richard: Did I have to say anything? I did not have to say anything.

GA: No you did not.

Richard: And I’m not…

DD: Well I agree.

Richard: Good. And you look pretty good too.

DD: I think you look more beautiful.

Richard: Well you didn’t know me back then.

DD: I didn’t.

*everyone talking over each other*

Myleene: Compliments flying around here.

DD: Coming up we have a clip of you.

Richard: Alright here we go, this is the Pilot, their first scene together.

*clip from Pilot*

Richard: And that is what is called hitting the ground running.

DD: Oh I don’t know, I think it’s called hitting the ground.

GA: *laughs*

Myleene: *to GA*, why were you cringing, the shot of you…

GA: Oh my god! It’s horrible!

Myleene: You think that?!

GA: Oh yeah.

Richard: I apologize, I thought it would be a treat for you.

DD: All I can say is, I hope I speak for Gillian when I say this, we are very lucky, to have been able to work hard and get better.

Myleene: I think you are too hard on yourselves.

Richard: Well, we’ve got a treat for you, I think you’ll find this a treat. What I’m going to show you…Why are you looking at me like that?

GA: No no no, I’m scared.

DD: Couldn’t go back any further.

Richard: Well we kinda did, we kind did but it’s alright.

GA: Oh no.

Richard: It’s fine, don’t worry, please don’t Gillian. I can see this… you are gona walk out of here… Gillian Anderson walks of Richard and July.

GA: Okay.

Richard: We checked on the internet, we found three most popular episodes ever made.

DD: Oh really?

Richard: We got them here, just to show you. One was called The Host, one was called Post-modern Prometheus, and Milagro. You probably remember bits of it, or maybe not at all.

DD: The Host, really?

Richard: Well we took all three editions down to a drop-in day center for the elderly here in London, we got them to watch them, and then they are going to describe one of the three editions, and you have to listen carefully then tell us which of the three episodes they are describing. You ready to do this?

DD: I’m gonna be able to do that.

Richard: Okay, here we go.

Lady 1: At the beginning, the man was in a sewer.

Lady 2: It could be in a foreign country.

Lady 1: Then the next scene you see where there’s a man on this slab.

Lady 2: She went to ???? and this bloody scene popped out *laughs*.

Lady 1: He got out of the toothpaste, and he squeezed all in his mouth.

Lady 2: All in his mouth, he wanted to taste…

Lady 1: There’s sort a twist in that, you know.

GA: What? *laughs*

Myleene: Good stop?

Richard: Sounds like the news last night to me.

DD: Yeah I know what it is.

GA: Do you?

DD: Who wants a bet?

Richard: I can’t tell you… I’ll give you a five for that.

GA: Pounds or dollars?

Richard: Oh pounds.

DD: It’s The Host.

Richard: Let’s see if he’s right? Absolutely! I owe you five.

GA: What’s with the toothpaste?

DD: That’s what I remember.

Richard: Double or quits? You wannat do double or quits??

DD: You wanna to get… Yes go ahead.

Richard: Yeah?

Myleene: I’m sure betting is illegal.

Richard: Oh well then.

Myleene: Here you go.

Richard: Here’s another one.

Lady: I don’t know what the coin was about. They keep bringing that out, didn’t they? Saying this is the thing that’s gonna do this and that.

Man: There’s a scene that drove it.

Lady: Yeah.

Man: There was a couple in the car, and she got out didn’t she.

Lady: She got out.

Man: Then she got into… I don’t know.

Lady: Yeah I didn’t really get into… I couldn’t figure that out.

Man: Control it, mind, he’s testing mind.

Lady: It was that confusing at times I just didn’t get it at all. I must admit.

Richard: 50/50.

GA: They were great, those two. They are like the same person.

DD: I got, I got another five coming to me.

Richard: Go.

DD: This is very interesting because when I was leaving New York to come here, I was getting ready in my hotel room it was 5 in the morning. I put on the TV and that episode was on.

Richard: Oh that’s not fair.

DD: That’s not fair, so let Gillian answer it. *GA stares at him*

Richard: Eh good man, Gillian you are up for the bet?

GA: I don’t know what they are talking about! All I know they talking about is me getting in a car and somebody reading my mind, which has to be at least 50% of the episode.

Myleene: Have a guess.

DD: *pretend to cough while speaking* Milagro.

GA: Milagro!

Richard: You are going to guess Milagro, that’s a guess isn’t it?

GA: Yeah.

Richard: Okay, let’s see.

DD: Just a guess.

Richard: Oh! Get my red bag, bringing my red bag quickly, to pay my bet. ???

DD: I can get the next one too. *GA laughs*

Richard: Well anyone can do that. The film, honestly, terrific to watch, I really enjoyed it. It’s hard watching a film like that before you had your breakfast.

DD: At 9 in the morning, yeah.

Richard: But it held my attention very much so.

DD: Good.

Richard: Now, lovely ending as well.

DD: Yes.

Richard: Is it the last film we are going to see?

GA: I hope not.

DD: We hope not.

GA: We hope not, but it all depends on how many people show up to see it.

Richard: Oh it’s going to be great.

Myleene: I think it will be inundated (?).

DD: Now when you say the ending, you do mean the ending ending, or the ending.

Richard: I mean the ending… I mean the emotional… I’m not going to give it away…

DD: Because there’s something that happens after the credits as well.

Richard: Is there?

DD: You are supposed to stay in the seats.

Richard: I’m afraid I left.

DD: And tell… nobody stays through the end of the credits, but maybe they will now.

Richard: Seriously? This is not a…

GA&DD: No no no, not at all.

DD: Chris Carter’s been calling it the Easter Egg.

*show staff brings Richard’s red bag*

Myleene: Oh stop.

DD: What’s in the bag?

Richard: Hang on, oh it’s my life that’s in there.

DD: Are we gonna… You don’t have to pay us.

Richard: I’m not going to pay you, you are going to give it to charity.

GA: This is hysterical.

Myleene: I can’t believe it.

Richard: Here you go. *hands over the money to DD* Thank you, thanks a lot.

Myleene: I like you are a man that honor your bets.

DD: What is your charity here? Let’s…

Richard: Cystic fibrosis Trust.

DD: Okay.

Richard: That’s… Is that

Myleene: Yeah, thank you very much.

GA: Fantastic.

Myleene: Well thanks very much and best of the luck tonight.

DD: Thank you.

GA: Thank you for having us.

Myleene: If you want to hold off your breakfast, and then going to see I Want to Believe, it’s in cinema nationwide from Friday.

Richard: Just one second, what are you wearing at the premiere? You know what you are gonna wear?

Myleene: That’s a girl question. What are you wearing tonight?

GA: Alice Temperley.

Myleene: Very nice.

GA: Yeah.

Richard: What color?

GA: What so we don’t dress the same? Black with a bit of pink?

DD: Mmmmm very nice.

Richard: You sir?

DD: I’ll be wearing clothes of some sort. I don’t really know! I don’t know, but not Alice Stempley?

Myleene: Temperley.

DD: Oh Temperley.

Myleene: Well I’ll be looking out for that. Thank you very much.

Richard: Yeah look forward to it, take care.


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