XFN's play by play

Since everything is crashing around us, I'll see if i can post some play by play here.  XFN will have an official report done up tomorrow or Monday.(I will be updating this as time goes on, so simply keep an eye on this article...) These updates coming from Erin..(and good lord repeating this i feel like CNN on sept 11th.)

1. TRAILER! OMG the crowd is going CRAZY.
2. CC is taking pics of the crowd!
3. GA was just talking. people are cracking up. First question: what was it like getting back into the roles of mulder and scully?
4. GA answered first, DD second - right now. I can't make out exactly what everyone is saying. really echo-y
5. GA is talking about how something is a work in progress...
6. GA and DD are making people laugh every second, practically. Woah, a question just elicited a large reaction from the crowd!
7. GA just answered a question from a girl...something about filming...then she said something that made everyone cheer. 
8. CC is responding to a man's question. Something about working on the movie on and off over the past several years... 
9. I think someone just confused the writers with the directors or something. Like maybe a strike-related question or something. CC is talking.
10. Someone who has been a fan of 15 years just asked a question...many laughs...I think DD may have said "do you want a picture?" or something. LOL. Many cheers from something CC said.
11. CC was talking about the very first scene of a TV show...
12. So the teaser was about 30 seconds. It showed people looking in the ground for something, apparently.
13. CC is talking about how he had a whole list of ideas at the end of the show that he hadn't get used...



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