XFN Exclusive: New Frank Spotnitz Interview

What do you do when given the opportunity to ask Frank Spotnitz 5 questions? Ask him 15, of course! (He kindly obliged us with XFN contributor gunmetal was able to put some long over due questions to the XF2 co-writer and executive producer about the show and life after the X-Files.... on one condition....XF2 was off limits (not that we didn't try).

"I think it's in our struggles that we all find satisfaction and - sometimes - contentment."

However, Frank did answer those Requiem kiss rumors and shared his thoughts on the fans, our questing heroes and the show. Click the 'read more' link below folks! Big thank you to Frank Spotnitz and his p.a for setting up this interview and Phantagrae et all for their input.

XFN: Frank, Last time we saw you was at Wondercon where you were greeted by 5,000 screaming fans. Was it a Beatles moment?
It was very strange, especially because we weren’t really doing anything – just standing there. For about five minutes, I knew what it felt like to be one of the Beatles. (Except that I was Ringo!)

XFN: A question that comes up repeatedly regarding the show and now the movie is do you think that as questing heroes, Mulder and Scully are fated to an unhappy life, or a tragic life, or are they bound to triumph in the end?
What an interesting question! It really speaks to how you feel about life – whether you have a tragic view of what it means to be alive. I think we’re all fated to struggle and suffer -- clearly, for Mulder and Scully that takes place on a heightened scale because these stories deal with the supernatural. But I don’t think their lives are fated to be unhappy or tragic. I think it’s in our struggles that we all find satisfaction and – sometimes -- contentment.

XFN: Do you sometimes think you have a different perspective of the show to the fans?
I relate to the show and the characters in a very personal way. Chris and I both try to express deep feelings (and sometimes big ideas) through these characters. Our perspectives are different from each other, and can’t help but be different from those of the fans (just as I’m sure each fan’s perspective is unique in its own way, too). But it does matter to me what the fans think, and I’ve learned a lot by listening to them and reflecting on their various thoughts about the characters and stories.

XFN: Frank can you clear up a long standing urban myth for us, that Mulder and Scully kissed in season 7's Requiem but that it was eventually left on the cutting room floor?
I’ve heard this rumor, but – unless my memory’s worse than I think -- it’s not true. We didn’t want to do anything to tip off the cliffhanger that Scully was pregnant. (In fact, we never published that final scene for the crew or the actors, and the script pages were driven to the set near Lake Arrowhead the night before to preserve the surprise.)

XFN: Is it true that you were born in Japan? Any plans to return?
Yes, I was born on an American Army base (my father served in the Medical Corps) and spent the first four years of my life there. I haven’t returned since, but I do hope to go visit someday soon.

XFN: Where do you keep your well deserved Golden Globe Awards?
They’re on my bookshelf.

XFN: What is the status of a ''Philosophical Investigation?''
It’s in “turnaround,” meaning it’s currently a project without a studio. The script was ordered when Sherry Lansing was president of Paramount, but not completed until Gail Berman held that post. The producer, Mace Neufeld, is still hoping to find a new home for it.

XFN: What is next for Frank Spotnitz?(Besides a well deserved vacation?)
HA! Any vacation I take will be a short one. There’s a lot of work I want to do – both on television and in movies. I can’t talk about what I’m going to do yet, but I can assure you I’ll keep busy.

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